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Joe Biden selects three women to fill vacancies in San Juan Federal Court

Joe Biden selects three women to fill vacancies in San Juan Federal Court

Washington DC. – After a political fight, the president Joe Biden Appointed Judge of the Court of Appeal today Gina Mendes MiroTo the Federal Magistrate Camille Wells Rive And Secretary San Juan Federal Court Maria Antorgyorgi Jordan Three vacancies have to be filled in the U.S. Court of Justice in Puerto Rico.

Méndez Miro, Vélez Rivee and Antorgiorgi are the candidates for occupying the seats left by Gustavo Kelby, who was promoted to the first round of federal appeals in Boston; Carmen Consul Vargas who resigned; And Francisco Bezosa, became a senior judge due to age.

Biden has been pending filling those vacancies since the end of 2021. According to White House sources, the nomination process was slightly delayed due to the commitment of Katanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court of the United States in his appointment and confirmation.

Has chosen three women. Six months after the 117th session of Congress marked by the November legislative elections – with four appointments to the federal judiciary in the United States – President Biden made the announcement this morning.

Referring to Mendes Miro, Biden pointed out what the new list of candidates for the federal judiciary would be. “First Apparently LGBTQIA + Federal District Court Judge in Puerto Rico.”

“I am pleased that President Biden has selected three Puerto Rican women with outstanding professional skills to join our best federal court for the district of Puerto Rico,” said Governor Pedro Pierre Luizi. Professional and legal experience in the service of our people with their commitment to. “

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Meanwhile, Citizenship Commissioner in Washington Jennifer Gonzalez – who sponsored the candidacy of her legal adviser Veronica Ferouri – said they were historic appointments because only three of the island’s 35 federal judges were women, and now they insisted on it. Go to the Senate, where “they will be evaluated for qualifications, preparation and criteria for holding such positions.”

Mendes Miro has been a judge of the Court of Appeal in Puerto Rico since 2016. Prior to that, he was the Chief Executive of the then Senate President Eduardo Patia and the Assistant Secretary of the Judiciary for Human Resources.

Judge Gina Mendes Miro. (Provided)

He holds a law degree from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) and a master’s degree from Princeton University. She married Maid Oronos Rodriguez, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, and she is now considered for the position held by Zelpi.

In Washington, DC, Mendes Miro had the backing of mainly Puerto Rican Democrat Nidia Velasquez (New York). And from his colleague Grace Meng.

Others who promoted his appointment were former governors Sila Maria Calderon, Anibal Acevedo Vila and Alejandro Garcia Patilla, elected officials from New York and the Senate leaders of Puerto Rico, Jose Luis Dolmau Santiago and the House of Representatives, Rafael “Dodo.

Congressman Velasquez congratulated President Biden on his efforts to fill the vacancies in Puerto Rico that have caused delays in the island’s judicial system. “By appointing these three new judges to the bench, we can help ensure that the Puerto Ricans have full access to the justice system. I urge the Senate to act expeditiously to secure all three judges,” Velasquez added.

“Gina Mendes Miro is a great appointment because it brings humanity, intelligence and well-researched critical thinking to the federal court. She is a woman of compassion, empathy and respect for all human dignity. This is a great day for the federal justice system in Puerto Rico and in the United States.” Senator Patia said.

Human rights activist Pedro Julio Serrano also pointed out that singer Ricky Martin also supported the appointment of Mendes Miro. “History has been made today and we celebrate this milestone on the path to equality,” Serrano said.

Meanwhile, for Vélez Rive, the appointment is a promotion.

As he expected, Welles Reeve was one of Governor Pierre Lucie’s nominees. New day. He has been a magistrate of the Federal Court of San Juan since 2004. From 1998 to 2004 he was an assistant federal attorney in San Juan. He was also the legal officer of the then Federal Judge Francisco Repollo Lopez. Studied law at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR).

“He has been a magistrate in federal court for nearly two decades and has seen hundreds of cases involving police interventions, bail proposals and civil investigations with citizens. Once he is confirmed, when he starts as a district judge, he will have direct experience of how to conduct his courtroom and resolve criminal and civil disputes because he already has extensive experience. He will not learn, with a busy district like Puerto Rico, it’s an asset. “ Leo Aldridge, a lawyer and political commentator, praised Vélez Rive’s appointment.

Antorgiorgi Jordán has been secretary of the San Juan Federal Court since 2019. From 2018 to 2019 he was the Deputy Secretary of the Judiciary, of which he is now the judge candidate. He was a partner in a law firm called McConnell Valdes. He holds a master’s degree in law from Georgetown University.

The three nominees will go to the confirmation process in the Senate, which is divided equally between the 50 Democrats and the 50 Republicans. Democrats control the Senate because US Vice President Kamala Harris is the chair of the House of Representatives and can break any ties.

The appointments will be made to a panel of judges headed by Democrat Richard Durbin (Illinois), second in the Senate.

The White House also considers Mayte Bayolo, who works with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); Roberto Brads, former senator of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) and former leader of the Democratic Party of America in Puerto Rico; Sule Rios Fuentes, federal public defender; And Rachel Brill is an American lawyer living on the island

Governor Pierluisi had Judge Vélez Rive among his candidates, but his allies publicly campaigned against Ríos Fuentes – accusing him of being an independent- and Brill. Other sources make it clear that Ros Fuentes was an independent.

Senator Carmelo Rios, general secretary of the New Progressive Party (PNP), and Darren Soto of the Florida Democratic Congress have both publicly expressed opposition to the appointment of a man of “libertarian” and Puerto Rican descent.

With legal advice from President Biden, Steve Richetti and Julie Chavez Rodriguez, director of the office between the White House offices, Governor Pierre Lucy held a meeting at the White House on January 31 regarding vacancies. Puerto Rico.

“Pierre Lucie demanded that the President (Biden) appoint not only those who have the necessary qualities and experience, but also those who know the reality of Puerto Rican and enjoy widespread support in our community. The director, Carmen Feliciano, the governor’s representative in Washington, said.

The appointments, announced today by Fidel, include Bradley Garcia as the first Latin candidate for the Washington DC Circuit of Appeals, considered the second highest court in the United States. Garcia ranks second in the Office of the Legal Adviser to the Federal Department of Justice.