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Govt, Boris Johnson shocked: “By the end of the lockout, more cases and deaths are inevitable”. Merkel: Close the emergency

The party may already be over. The beginning of the exit path England From the third Disabling National opposition Govt It has been confirmed for more than three months in the wake of the recent decline in infections, but this will inevitably lead to a resumption of cases and deaths. He said Boris Johnson, Urges comrades to be cautious.

“Reopening will inevitably lead to more infections, unfortunately, More hospitalization and more deathsThe people need to know, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Kovit, WHO: “The end of the epidemic is still a long way off, wildlife sales in markets are coming to a halt”

Inline guidelines for vaccination and company management are here

Johnson spoke with accredited reporters on Downing Street next May 17 and June 21 between May 17 and June 21, when conditions were set to continue – “I can now see no reason to change the roadmap” and the conditions for reopening the post-lockout condition that had been launched in the Kingdom in recent days. However, he reiterated, “It simply came to our notice then And exercise moderately in basic behaviors necessary to prevent the spread of the virus: washing hands, keeping extra distance from others, and focusing on outdoor activities.

Therefore, Prime Minister Tory defined the UK’s decision on the basis of anti-Govt vaccines as “tremendous”, especially “achieving the first dose guaranteed target for nine priority age groups (over 50 years)”. A milestone that has proven decisive in controlling epidemics in recent weeks, Johnson said he hopes to be able to ensure compliance with the road map in remembering the 32 million people who have already been vaccinated with the first dose. Mass vaccinations for those over the age of 45 from this week and for adults over the age of 18 living on the island by July 31 are complete.

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Germany, Merkel’s alarm

“The federal emergency break is delayed because the situation is serious and we all need to take it seriously.” President Angela Merkel said this in a brief statement to the press after the Council of Ministers meeting in Berlin. Nevertheless, he continued that this decision was “as important as urgency.” “In my view, it’s going fast, and I can only say that it is the best of both the Bundestag and then the Bundestrod,” Merkel said of the decision taken by the Cabinet today. You have to become More “tough and balanced” in the fight against infection. It is too late to act when intensive care units are overcrowded, and now it is up to the state and citizens to “do not leave doctors and nurses alone” in hospital nurses.