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Tatu Garcia ended angrily: ``We are like fools talking that Motagua does not exceed us'' - ten

Tatu Garcia ended angrily: “We are like fools talking that Motagua does not exceed us” – ten

motagua He gave a blow to the power before marathon In the Concacaf League and foreplay the semi-finals.

greens coach, Martin “Tatu” Garcia, He made his assessments of the contested commitment at the Olympic Stadium.

He began by saying, “In the second half, we had several chances to equalise, but the feelings were negative.”

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“We know that we are a team in the process of change, we are clear about that, that is the reality, we have again lost an experienced footballer like Emilio Izaguirre who will be valued over time, we are greatly reduced we know the difficulties we are facing and we will try to raise our heads and head to the capital Let’s find the outcome, which will be difficult.” Garcia tattoo.

The monster strategist regrets not being able to count on all of his players currently, which ended up affecting him. motagua.

“In my head, the situation is reversed, then we will see the soldiers we will rely on to come back, I hope we can get Mario, Vega, Calix, Solani back, they are very important players, but we don’t have them but hey, confidence can never be lost and we know it will be a match Difficult “.

Regarding the commitment process, the tattoo garcia Explains that the first objective of motagua It was a hard blow.

“An early goal in our net breaks everything we planned, it was going well, we were stopped well, but we made a terrible mistake and finished with a goal.” motaguaThen it heads up, and that changes the game, and then we go out looking for the opposite outcome more than anything out of my mind more than football,” he analyzed.

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Finally, he admitted that he came out with a lot of inner anger for the defeat against the Blues.

“If you analyze the game, motagua He doesn’t beat us, but we lose him again, we’re like fools who talk about it motagua It doesn’t overtake us as it happened the other day in the capital, but we ended up losing, that’s the inner fever I have, we work a lot during the week, those little mistakes or gifts we give to competitors,” he said.