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Target is implementing new self-checkout rules in its business

Target is implementing new self-checkout rules in its business

The famous American retail chain Target will implement some changes to payment methods.

The main differences lie above all in the self-checkout system, where invoices will only be allowed for up to 10 items per purchase.

The truth is that Target did not just implement measures of this kind. Walmart or Costco are examples of chains that have made important decisions about scanners.

All of this, as a result of shoplifting, so Target will also change its self-checkout system to a more limited one. That is, if they do not adhere to the established limits, customers will make their payments at the cash register.

Therefore, the retail giant announced that it will launch “Express self-exit“After testing the concept in about 200 institutions.

What will the experience be like?

Target realized that implementing a self-checkout system simplified the purchasing process in its stores. However, the new “express self-checkout” system will have certain conditions once it is installed in about 2,000 establishments.

This change, as the company commented in a statement, will improve efficiency and customer experience. Additionally, as part of the modifications, Target said more staffed cashiers will be installed. This is because the main reason behind the limited number of products in self-checkout is to speed up the purchasing process.

Let's remember that many retailers have invested in implementing self-checkout systems since the time of the pandemic. Their goal at the time was to prevent the spread of the virus.

But it has been proven through many studies, such as those conducted by LendingTree, that 15% of users of this system steal products.

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Likewise, another analysis from Drexel University reported that a majority of consumers prefer to pay at human-controlled cash registers.