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State government, SET, COTACYT and the TAMux Museum come together so boys and girls in preschool and elementary schools have a direct connection to science

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April 25, 2023

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. – As part of the “Boy and Girl Day” celebrations, the state government led by Américo Villarreal Anaya, Minister of Education of Tamaulipas and the Tamaulipas Council of Science and Technology, will celebrate Children’s Science Week from the last week of April to May 3 in various municipalities.

As part of the early science advocacy promotion program strategies, distinguished researchers will hold discussions and workshops, with the aim of getting closer to girls and boys, and bringing them into direct contact with the world of science.

There will be six workshops that will be promoted by specialists from the Scientific Experimental Teaching Program, COTACYT, Polytechnic University and Tamaulipas Museum of Natural History (TAMux), at the same time inside the classrooms.

The workshops will be “The Life Cycle of Butterflies”, “The Small World”, “The Traveling Museum” La Bobina, “Food Chemistry”, “Life, Light and Color” and “Using Sunlight to Generate Electricity from Solar Cells”. : My first steps towards renewable energy.

During the aforementioned week, more than 40 primary, pre-school and primary schools from the various municipalities of the entity will be visited, and in the capital Tamaulipas, activities will be carried out at the Tamox Museum.

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