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The Department of Education Sciences is holding the first day of academic reflection on its ongoing research

The Department of Education Sciences is holding the first day of academic reflection on its ongoing research

In order to socialize the ongoing research, exchange views and propose a collaborative action agenda, the Educational Sciences Department of College of Education Sciences He held his first day of academic reflection,”Our investigations are ongoing’, which included the participation of all academics attached to the department at the Valparaiso and San Felipe campuses.

The deepening of initiatives, the joint dialogue between those present, the exchange of visions and the submission of proposals were the four moments of this first day of academic work that, based on the commitment acquired in January of this year, he was managing Section ManagerAnd Anna Maria Madariagaand the Academic specialist in teacher trainingAnd Luis Guzman Palacios.

“We prefer to start with the research function because, in our opinion, it is the basis of teaching and the basic competencies that every teacher should have, which are related to pedagogical knowledge, know that you dosays the director Anna Maria Madariaga. “We are interested to know what academics are studying in our department, the status of their progress and their contribution to the department’s development lines in order to set expectations.”

that know that you do mentioned by the academic are directly related to the challenges posed by public policies in education, the institutional development plan and also with the perception that every academician and academic has of their students, because “there are many problems that are part of the direct experience of our profession and that can constitute research topics, the This first experience puts us in that direction.”

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In this way, after the exhibition and opening Director of the Learning and Teaching Technology LabAnd Miguel Rodriguez Jara, He initiated a group dialogue with the different authors of ongoing research covering areas associated with mathematical reasoning and competencies, educational policies for quality assurance in higher education, robotics applied in education, teaching methods in Latin America, and alternative educational models.

In this sense, the Project co-researcher “Alternative Education: New Approaches to Traditional Education” (Regular Research Competition 2023 of the Directorate General of Research), Reese Gnacioand stressed that “this kind of examples and discussions, which appear in order to improve our lines of research, also come to strengthen us and then introduce ourselves to the region and the country.”

In this way, in addition to diagnosing gaps, conceiving solutions and betting on the inclusion of students, the conference supported the need for investigation during the current academic year, building a research work proposal, through institutional bodies, presenting the agency and funding of investigation activities.