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Graduated as Doctors of Finance – Diario de Querétaro

Graduated as Doctors of Finance – Diario de Querétaro

A very special day was the new one PhD in FinanceAfter completing his postgraduate studies in one of the most prestigious training institutes nationwide. Family and friends accompanied the graduates, who finally saw the culmination of their efforts.

With a passionate religious celebration in the parish of Our Lady of Eternal Help, Priest Miguel Saldana Duran welcomed them to the House of God and urged them during his sermon to be Professionals with ethics to help their neighborIn addition to congratulating them and may God bless them, to continue their path of success.

After giving thanks, the doctors and their guests headed to the hall of the famous hotel in the city where he was The inauguration ceremony Where Tomas Cisneros Medina, Carlos Bautista Sanchez, Janet García, Georgina Madrigal, Carlos Mario Mejia Cruz, Mario Eric Anaya Arteaga, Alejandro Lizarraga Paredon, Alejandra Arteaga Salazar, Gerardo Muñoz and Migo Arangelo Rodas received Consuelo Noguez and Lino Ramirez, from Rector Salvador Linos and Pilar Ishanov and Odette Curtis, whose degrees give them the title of Doctors of Finance.

In his speech Carlos Mario Mejia Cruz, President Queretaro State Prosecutors Association (AFEQ), realizing that Querétaro has professionals of a high level and national and international competitiveness, trained to support large domestic and foreign companies that settle in our territory, and for this reason asked to continue on the teaching path and to continue in alliances such as IEE and AFEQ.

For his part, Salvador Linus acknowledged the efforts The first generation of doctors named Tomás CisnerosSince he was in charge of the AFEQ, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Foundation, and thus they were able to launch a master’s degree and then a doctorate in finance, and were able to exceed the expectations of the participant.

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But another surprise was missing for the professionals, because after completing the protocol, their loved ones went to the podium to express their great admiration and love for them, and managed to shed tears from time to time from the graduates who did not expect such emotional feelings. Moment

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Dinner time arrived with a delicious menu consisting of watercress salad with shrimp and ham in an aged mustard dressing and for dessert three chocolate delicacies in a red fruit sauce, which were accompanied by a selection of wines served to elevate our food. Glasses and toast to this great achievement in his career.