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Denouncing irregularities in admissions to the medical profession 96 Amparo appeals have been filed against provisions of UNLaR

On March 22 at National University of La Rioja He passed the entrance examination for a profession Medicine, where it was proven that the minimum success rate was 60% over 100%. This number has only been surpassed by 25 applicants.

The deadline for submitting lists of accredited persons is March 30. No more than 25 people inside, on the 31st of the same month, the profession manager in charge of supervising the settlement cycle, Dario RomanbazziThen he proposed to reduce the percentage to 50% so that more applicants would enter, and therefore, a few days later, a list was published that included a greater number of boys who had reached this percentage, because the students who had already reached between 42% and 47% of the exam.

On April 5, the Academic Department of Health Sciences issued a statement that, through Resolution “CDDACS 60/2023, the applicants’ application, which was brought before the Authority through a file by the Director of Health Professions. Medicine, to reduce the evaluation criteria to 40%, was rejected. , and thus it was decided to continue with the evaluation criteria until 50% of the 100 questions asked were answered correctly.

Finally, 134 students entered the major, and the academic administration indicated that the list published by the student’s secretary on the virtual campus, which included scores less than 50%, was not approved or recognized by the department, and therefore the ratios are not theirs. It was official.

For nearly a month, applicants for admission to the UNLaR Medicine profession have been denouncing irregularities in various procedures. Vigils at the rectory are added, night camps at the university gate, and now judicial proceedings. Faced with the refusal to include the 205 excluded applicants, 96 of them appealed to reverse this situation.

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