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The University of Lyon conveys to the Department of Education its official request to host the Faculty of Medicine

The rector of the university, Juan Francisco García Marín, has transferred the relevant documents to the Ministry of Education to request the degree of these studies.

Exchange of information

This was admitted by the chancellor herself, Rocío Lucas, on a visit to Lyon on Wednesday. The Council received information with a request from the Rectorate of ULE that these studies were claimed for the capital of Lyon.

“The documents are being analyzed,” said the education official, who submitted a request for “correction and new documents” for a project that, as is the case with Burgos, “is complex and cannot be implemented from today to tomorrow.”

Universities Council

The period of exchanging information and documents between the university administration and the Ministry will now begin in order to advance the preparation of a viable project for the new Faculty of Medicine.

Finally, as Lucas points out, it should be the academic committee of the Council of Universities, where all public and private universities are located in Castilla y León, that analyzes León’s application for admission to this degree and evaluates the ability of the ULE to it.

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