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Susanna Aguilar: These are the luxurious trips to Europe for the most beautiful granddaughter of Fleur Sylvester

Susanna Aguilar: These are the luxurious trips to Europe for the most beautiful granddaughter of Fleur Sylvester

In recent days, the interest has been to learn more about the character Susan Aguilar It has increased among family media followers and is one of the most attention-grabbing aspects Angela Aguilar’s cousin is that she is a big travel lover, So we will tell you this time How were some of your visits to the Ancient Continent?which was surrounded by luxuries.

newly, Susan Aguilar She revealed through her Instagram profile that some of the things that make her the happiest in her life are her birthdays, bookstores, caramel or chocolate apples, as well as sunsets, in addition, She is a fan of art, music, photography and travel. Well, he has been allowed to appear in the various publications he has shared from different regions of the world.

Some European cities I visited Susan Aguilar be Porto, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Marbellato name a few and as explained on his Instagram profile He made use of his visits to these places to visit museums and the most representative places of interest everywhereWhich revealed the direction in which his character was focused.

It is worth noting that Like her sister Mago and her cousins ​​Anneliese and Angela, Susanna Aguilar has also taken the opportunity to show off her sophisticated sense of fashion. Well, gorgeously dressed photographs are common with the beautiful landscapes of the aforementioned European cities or the luxury hotels they are staying in as background.

Susanna Aguilar not only shows off her trips to Europe but also on her official Instagram profile. It is also common to see photos in which he promotes national tourism, Besides that too His postcards are repeated in various places in the United States And as if that wasn’t enough, she also revealed that on some occasions she accompanies her sister or her father to their respective concerts, so without a doubt, Susanna Aguilar, who already qualifies as The most beautiful granddaughter of Fleur SylvesterYou live it from one trip to the next.

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Until now, Susanna Aguilar has not talked about how she makes a living or what her future plans are, Well, just a few weeks ago he released his first song, in which he showed that he has everything he needs to continue his family legacy, It is not known whether singing is just a hobby or whether he will devote himself professionally to this activity, But while clarifying this situation, fans of the famous dynasty showed interest in knowing everything about Antonio Aguilar Jr.’s daughter.

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