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Summary of the match Mexico U-20 0-0 Haiti U-20 in CONCACAF U-20 Pre-World Cup 2022 | 06/24/2022

0:09 3 hours ago


23:21 3 hours ago

93 ‘

is over! Mexico and Haiti do no damage and split units.

23:16 4 hours ago

88 ‘

Zamora’s left foot ends up going to the stands.

23:13 4 hours ago

84 ‘

Mexico’s defensive header prevented Haiti from shooting at Ologo’s goal.

23:07 4 hours ago

78 ‘

Haiti is trying to reach with danger, and Mexico defends itself with everything.

22:59 4 hours ago

71 ‘

Bad reception from Palma, the player ends up sending the ball over the last line without being able to create a hazard.

22:54 4 hours ago

66 ‘

He invests in a goal, but the goalkeeper ends up keeping the ball.

22:47 4 hours ago


Mexico change. Enter Jonathan Perez and take Torres’ place.

22:44 4 hours ago


Campos fired, but Hernandez was offside.

22:35 4 hours

48 ‘

Brian Gonzalez’s shot, but the ball goes too far.

22:34 4 hours ago

46 ‘

Business resume at Metropolitan Olympic.

22:33 4 hours ago

four five’

Mexico is changing. Palma and Gonzalez enter Alcantara and Violante.

22:17 5 hours ago

45 + 4′

The first half ended, and Mexico and Haiti tied in the first half without goals.

22:12 5 hours ago


Belizeer’s shot, but Eulogio keeps the ball without problems.

22:06 5 hours ago

35 ‘

Good intervention by Alcántar, to prevent danger from breeding in the Mexican region.

21:50 5 hours ago


Violante’s cannon shot, but Augustin keeps the ball without any problems.

21:47 5 hours ago


Judy’s killer header, but the ball goes wide of the goal.

21:39 5 hours ago


Sweep Haiti’s defense in time, preventing Hernandez from creating a danger in the area.

21:32 5 hours ago

0 ‘

Business started between Mexico and Haiti.

21:32 5 hours ago

Eleventh Haiti

And the. Augustin Lerich, F. Cicero, de Pierre; Pierre Destin, W. Pierre, A.; Belizer, and . lizard; S. San Millan, S. Jeudy, R. Appolon.

21:30 5 hours ago

xi mexico

A eulogy. Gomez, E. Lopez, c. Alcantara, I. Violant; K. Campos, F. Ambríz, A. Freyfeld; Zamora, J. Hernandez, C. Torres.

21:22 5 hours ago

to court

Mexico and Haiti are already doing initial warm-ups on the field to commit and play this last duel.

21:17 6 hours ago


The two teams are already at San Pedro Sula, ready to play this last game of the stage.

21:12 6 hours ago

That’s beauty!

21:02 6 hours ago

over the top

Haiti is in second place in the group, achieving a win and a draw of up to four units. In this match, they will seek to snatch victory from Mexico.

20:57 6 hours ago

perfect move

In addition to collecting two victories from the two matches played, Mexico has thirteen goals and has not conceded any goals, so it is undefeated and with a clean sheet.

20:47 6 hours ago

Watch out for this player

Haiti will have to pay a lot of attention to Esteban Lozano, the Mexican striker who scored a brace in his last game and scored three goals in total, so tonight he will be looking to continue adding goals to his tally.

20:42 6 hours ago

To close undefeated!

The Mexican team will seek to close its pass to the World Cup by adding the nine units from the group stage.

20:37 6 hours ago

we, re back!

We come back to present you minute by minute the match between Mexico and Haiti. We will soon share the most relevant information, as well as confirmed lineups.

20:32 6 hours ago

Don’t leave here to watch the Mexico-Haiti match live

In a few moments we will be sharing the starting line-up for Mexico and Haiti live, as well as the latest information emerging from the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium. Don’t miss any minute-by-minute match details and live online from VAVEL.

20:27 6 hours ago

Where and how to watch Mexico vs Haiti online and live

20:22 6 hours ago

What time is the match between Mexico and Haiti in the third round of the Pre-World Cup CONCACAF U-20 Championship?

20:17 7 hours ago

Mexico data

20:12 7 hours ago

Mexico data

20:07 7 hours ago

Haiti’s latest squad

Augustin Lerich W, Cicero F, Apollon R, de Pierre; Scott, W. Pierre, S. San Millan; B. Destin, S.; Judy, and . Lizard.

19:57 7 hours ago

How do you reach Haiti?

Haiti His path was tough in the CONCACAF U-20 World Cup, as he added a point on day one with an impressive four-goal draw against Trinidad and Tobago, as well as a lopsided victory over Suriname. In this meeting they will seek to add three climbing sites.

19:52 7 hours ago

How do you reach Mexico?

19:47 7 hours ago

The match will be held at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium.

The Mexico-Haiti match will be held at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The accommodation can accommodate 37,325 people.

19:42 7 hours ago

Good evening to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Mexico-Haiti match, corresponding to the third day of the CONCACAF U-20 Championship before the World Cup. The meeting will take place at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium, at 9:30 p.m.