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Tri Sub-20 took first place but struggled against Haiti

Tri Sub-20 took first place but struggled against Haiti

Mexico City /

The The last match of the group stage subordinate mexican national team In the CONCACAF U-20 World Cup Leave much to be desired El Tri suffered a lot and was miraculously saved against Haiti, who showed some deficiencies in the team and was unable to pass a goalless draw, Despite this, they moved up the number one spot and would face Puerto Rico. in the next round.

The Haitians were the most complex competitors at this point Because they have more team than Suriname, Trinidadians and Luis Perez should be worried Because even though he used a substitute team to rest players The team was without an attacking idea.

In the game of soccer, it is pointless to have the ball in your possession if you have no idea how to make offensive moves, and it happened to Mexico in this duel against the Caribbean It is well absorbed and lThey dried up all possibilities to Tri.

In the first half there were some serious plays It did well Covered by a Haiti goalkeeper, but In the second half, there was not a single goal And even if it wasn’t for luck, the Aztecs would have conceded two goals.

About the end of the match Luis Perez sent his entire offensive arsenal onto the pitchJonathan Perez, Esteban Lozano and Salvador Mariscal, But they couldn’t do anything.

A goalless draw leaves Mexico in first place in its group s She will face Puerto Rico in the round of 16 Next Sunday in Metropolitan San Pedro Sula.

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