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Atlas players that Club America wants as reinforcements

Atlas players that Club America wants as reinforcements

Friday 24 June 2022

The America Club Almost ready for the first time in Opening 2022the competition where they will try to forget the bad start they had six months ago, as well as the elimination in league. right Now the Eagles They have no excuse for being wrong on one hand Fernando Ortiz It will start from day one and will not be a temporary, the band has already strengthened some areas Jurgen Dam, Nestor Araujo, and Jonathan Capicita Rodriguez، atlas.

As reported by our collaborator, Jonathan Peña, guidance blue cream He insists on trying to sign two essential elements to get the championship Red and blackthe attackers Julio Firch and Julian QuinonesThe strikers who scored the most important goals for a team academy But they don’t want to let out even though America’s economic proposals are attractive, that’s because they don’t want to disarm their team so soon and even want to seek a three-time championship.

ought to Quinones s little head feed balls to furchwith Diego Valdes and Alvaro Fidalgo Behind, it will be a very promising offense and can lead to the occurrence America To this long-awaited 14th title by fans who haven’t celebrated any glory since 2018.

The exits that Club America expects

in order to record little head Rodriguez Or add more reinforcements, special ones kuaba Hold on to the hope of rejection Federico Vinas, Bruno Valdes and Juan Otero, untrained soccer players in Mexico who occupy a foreign position and can hold back the rest of the team. It seemed that none of the three wanted to join a smaller team.

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