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“We’ve been saying your name for a long time”;  Lieber and Lucus asked the louse

“We’ve been saying your name for a long time”; Lieber and Lucus asked the louse

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon /

Miguel Herrera It continues to appear “With Half the World” in Tigers. Had him First interview with Nahuel Guzman, And has appeared in various media and Now he had to attend the “soul” of the club, the unmatched crowdFive people represented, each as an ambassador for a group of animators or fans, among them Free and Lucus.

Everyone agreed that they expected “more successes and titles” taking advantage of the fact that the team was going through its “best times”, Auriazules fans were able to talk to him face to face. Lice that have been waiting for a long time in the volcano.

It was a secret on the catwalk That when there was a negative situation, we said: “It would be nice for Miguel to come.”We have said it for many years because of the personality you have, it is really a reality and we will expect your best, “said a spokesperson. Free and Lucus.

What is Miguel Herrera’s first goal?

“The first goal is to know the two great institutions that we represent, The name Tigres must be the best in Mexican football. The fans are like this and the team must be the same, and we will strive with our idea and our method to satisfy them much more and achieve the goals. louse.

What does Piojo think of the Tigres fans?

Considered the best hobby in Mexico, the new leader of U knows there is nothing he can ask for or ask for, everything is in it Live up to your expectations and demands.

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To ask for something from you would be very foolish of me Or someone, you’ve always been, you really don’t have much to do. You come to work so that the results continue to be successful, but with the football you want to see. “