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Summary of the match between Chivas and Pachuca (0-0).  Objectives

Summary of the match between Chivas and Pachuca (0-0). Objectives

Victory is still denied to Chivas As in the previous three matches since he saved A A goalless draw with Pachuca 0-0 In a duel in the 9th round of the opening tournament 2023, although he was saved from falling since the goalkeeper, Miguel Jimenez saved a penalty kick with 10 minutes left in the match.

There are four consecutive matches without a win, but Chivas broke the losing streak, which is important for the calm of the project Veljko PaunovicIn fact, they played well, but they are missing a goal man.

There is no longer peace among the masses and they announced this When Alexis Vega entered In the second half, the red and white number 10 was booed when he was sent off as a substitute in the 68th minute.

Pachuca could have won it, however Elian Hernandez was unable to beat Miguel Jimenez from 11 steps In the 80th minute, Wacho was up to the task like a three-headed dragon, winning the duel against Tuzos to be the champion of the match.

Now comes another home match for Guadalajara, on Tuesday against FC Mazatlán, where they now have to add 3 goals.

Do Chivas deserve more than that against Pachuca?

Chivas did not play badly and started attacking those from Hidalgo. Ricardo Marin He sent the first warning at 9 o’clock with a long one-way shot. It was the second Ronaldo Cisneros In the 18th minute, though, the visiting goalkeeper, Carlos Moreno, appeared to deflect the ball towards a corner kick.

Chicot Calderon He also came close to scoring, but was unable to score in front of Tozos’ goal and left another good goal.

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Cesar Arturo Ramos calmly controlled the match, but the referee’s whistle disrupted the match When diving by Alain Muzo is flagged as a penalty kickwho admitted to trying to deceive and even then was saved from going to VAR, where They retracted his decision.

Before the break, Chivas’ best man at Apertura 2023 tried to score a good goal. Roberto Alvarado He took the ball from the right side, entered the area, released the ball and hit it wide of the goal.

Cisneros still has one more. It was the one-on-one encounter with Moreno that the Tozos goalkeeper won.

In the second half, Chivas He went out in search of goal and Marin made a good cross pass that was ruled out for offside.

Al-Tuzos tried with a cross shot Roberto de la Rosawhich almost got Wacho into trouble.

Who did this was Gilberto Orozco when he committed a foul against Byron Castillo in the 78th minute; The play was reviewed by VAR and in the 79th minute a penalty was awarded. It was a victory for the Tuzus, however Hernandez couldn’t beat WachoWho ran to the right side and blocked the visitor’s shot.

The shouts of the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper, were present, while Wacho was dressed as a hero. Before the final whistle, Alvarado scored in the 87th minute, and Moreno came down to save him.

The last part did not generate any greater danger A goalless draw between Chivas and PachucaWhich sparked boos among those in attendance at Akron Stadium.