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Students and teachers of Chilean and foreign universities presented innovative science teaching initiatives

Students and teachers of Chilean and foreign universities presented innovative science teaching initiatives

UPLA Mathematics students with teacher Isabel Maturana.

With two international online conferences and 24 Chilean and foreign presentations in a hybrid format, held in Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences the Eighth International Conference And Eleventh National Conference on Science Teaching.

These events, which are already a tradition at our university, brought together students and academics from UPLA, the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, the Catholic University of Maule, and the University of Santiago de Chile, as well as from the Colombian institutions Antonio Nariño University and the University of Santiago de Chile. Technological University of Pereira, University of Almería, Spain, and State University of Ponta Grossa, Paraná, Brazil.

The conferences allowed us to exchange experiences, challenges, and educational methodological proposals related to science teaching and learning from an integrated perspective.

This was the case for students Teaching mathematics From the University of Playa Ancha Sofía Ampuero Aburto, Francesca Briones Farias, Bárbara Jiménez, Martínez and Israel Salas Bahamondez who presented the initiative entitled “Instructional Videos, the First Educational Experience in Teacher Training for the Mathematics Teaching Profession at UPLA”.

Student Barbara Jimenez.

the Future math teacher, Barbara Jiménez MartinezHe explained that the videos, which were prepared as an educational project under the guidance of teacher Isabel Maturana, address statistical concepts presented by the Ministry of Education in simple language.

“We work on the thematic focus of statistics and probability using concepts like point cloud, contingency table, graph types, combinations and permutations, which are not often seen in schools. Through explainer videos like YouTube, we address these issues,” said the student. , adding that science teaching conferences allow other universities to show what is being done as students at UPLA.

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In linear algebra

Professor Yu. Tecnologia de Pereira, Diego Devia.

From Colombia, for the first time these days, Professor at the University of Antonio Nariño, Diego Devia Narvaez She presented the initiative, developed in collaboration with academic Vivian Ozorriaga Lopez, entitled “Analysis in the Indefinite Solution of Systems of Linear Equations through Vector Spaces.”

In this regard, teacher Divya stated that this proposal was developed to ease the teaching of vector spaces, “a very abstract subject in linear algebra, which consists of seeing the applications of these vector spaces in mathematical modelling, in developing the problem” by establishing how we can analyze the indefinite solution of “These vector spaces, and therefore, how can we redesign or improve this problem situation.”

Dr. Oscar Canio.

Regarding the impact of the days on students, Dr. said: Event coordinator Dr. Oscar Caño SalinasHe expressed that his participation will continue to be emphasized. “Although the future professionals who submitted projects this year would prefer to belong to the teaching profession in mathematics, we would also like the Pedagogy of Physics, Biology and Chemistry to share their proposals as well, as the students of Pedagogy of Fine Arts did with very interesting interest.” Job.There, subject teachers play a very important role in encouraging their participation.

the Eighth International Conference And Eleventh National Conference on Science Teaching They were called by: Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences. UPLA Center for Studies in Science Teaching; Master of Science Teaching UPLA; UPLA Interdisciplinary Group for Advanced Research in Science Teaching; Coordinating the connection with the environment of the College of Natural and Exact Sciences.
– College Scientific Visions Magazine.

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