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Strategies for our health and well-being

Strategies for our health and well-being

One of the biggest challenges ahead He is Spin-offs in health care quality and disease prevention. Population, we are more engaged and aware of what it means to have good public health interoperable and very rigorously since the Covid-19 pandemic. We demand more, because we have verified that all scenarios have a vital element related to health and well-being. Without it, everything stops.

However, this challenge should be addressed with Two individual publications: patients and health workers. Two heroes in the center so that they can mitigate the needs and problems that each one sees and experiences from their point of view. In a continuous and participatory way, we need patients to appreciate and increase awareness of the problems and needs they have and, of course, the health aspect.

Starting from the patient’s side, it is necessary to conduct necessary health education Avoid health scamsmisuse of health services and overwhelming self-medication located in Spain. In this last aspect, self-medication does not lead to the prevention of diseases, nor to the correct treatment of them. Influencing the suggestion of a general education topic for the population and consultation on the risks involved in this direction would give an understanding of the patient Do not think that you know what the doctor will prescribe.

But the other problem that exacerbates this self-medication is waiting lists. The patient wants to default depending on the waiting time and assuming this in many cases It won’t be anything serious.

It is located in the toilet part Great internal confrontations On a daily basis, one of the productions Lack of recognition and motivation of working conditions That includes time and this leads to constant uncertainty that frustrates staff and must change with a compromise to strengthen our health system and our health workers. And of course the other Queue managementwhich in many cases is very long and leaves an effect under the influence of the presence of the health worker: assistance, prevention and treatment.

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It is inevitable to talk about digital transformation in 2023, and the need for several measures that can certainly contribute to a more flexible management and reduce queue times: Reorganize health agendas with interoperability of medical data and records With an automation network that includes pathology, history and age patterns to be used, among other things, for early detection of cancer.

The digital tools of the admission service of all health centers, whose mission is to find loopholes or avoid duplication errors, in most cases, are First visible face This forms the organizational foundations of the hospital.

for this reason, It is essential that clinical stations update and databases be interoperable Also, reviewing and organizing patients is much easier and avoiding the error rate. All of this should help to have greater certainty and focus the work on anticipating the appointment and with it, possibly the disease.

The digital health strategy for the coming years must consider the participation of patients and health professionals from all disciplines, leaving no one behind. This can be achieved with transparency and a will to make the opportunity for continuous improvement in the health sector closer to everyone. You can’t stay in the middle of the road.

It is not just a commitment to continue to maintain a comprehensive, public, and high-quality health care system, But to commit and seal our systemOpen to the changes and needs of the two protagonists. Focus on the patient and focus on the healthcare provider to reinvent ourselves in vital needs such as access to healthcare.

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Possibly a positive proposal to help achieve the above objectives – and other outstanding objectives – Formation of work teamsmade up of different health disciplines and others such as lawyers and economists, who can measure, evaluate and collect patients’ and health professionals’ involvement in problems in order to Uncover common solutions and the ability to respond more quickly In situations that require agile decisions.

The largest investment in resources and innovation through Direct interoperability between primary and specialty careto the extent that data is shared directly in real time, is another very relevant point in the digital health strategy to counter the ups and downs of healthcare transformation.

We cannot forget that our health system has been weakened and overwhelmed after several years in a pandemic And it is more necessary than ever that we put ourselves first with the efforts of all to intelligently reinvent our fundamental and necessary foundation, which we have been shown time and time again, to live in a state of luxury.

*** Nora Vasquez is an attorney, radiologist and hospital pharmacist, educator and #cazabulos for the Salud Sin Bulos platform.