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"Story Walk" comes to Wichita

“Story Walk” comes to Wichita

Wichita, Kan. (NBC Kansas) — Evergreen Park welcomes its new “Story Walk,” an initiative to increase exercise and literacy among the community.

Exactly a year ago, the idea for a Story Walk came to Wichita.

City leaders say they saw something similar at Derby and wanted to implement it here.

said Elizabeth Brunchen, Director of Family and Human Resources for K-State – Cartagena.

The books will be provided by the evergreen library and will be changed every two to three months.

In addition, the books will be in both English and Spanish.

“The aim is to fill the Spanish society’s need for more physical activity and to fall in love with literature,” said Cartagena.

“And we know that when we exercise, the brain retains more of what it sees,” he added.

The first book that families can find in the park is called “soƱadores,” or “The Dreamers” and is based on the true story of a Mexican mother who immigrated to the United States.

“We’ll see each other in this story, it’s something we’ll define often,” Cartagena said.

People can now go and enjoy the beautiful ‘story walk’ located in an evergreen park near the tennis courts.

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