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Science and Technology

Science and Technology

Valeria Velasco Pizarro

Academic Department. animal production

College of Agricultural Engineering

Recognizing the fundamental role that science and technology play in society, since it offers solutions or improvements to people’s quality of life, in various fields (health, food, entertainment, music, art, education, among others), is to update knowledge in this world becomes important basic.

Science and technology must respond to the needs of society, which is why collaborative examples in the field of academia, company, producers, or others are tolerant. This is achieved, for example, through initiatives such as those we coordinate from Faculty of Agricultural Engineering at UdeCwith the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the National University of Rosario, Argentina.

It’s about extension The Seventh Conference on Science and Technology and the first meeting between Argentina and Chile for agricultural sciences Which begins today and in which new knowledge will emerge, through the implementation of scientific publishing in various fields of agricultural sciences.

Those undergraduate and postgraduate students who have progress in their research and who would like to publish partial or final results in the fields of Agricultural Energy and Environment, Biosafety, Environment and Biodiversity, Agricultural Economics, Education in Agricultural and Natural Sciences, Extension and Rural Development, Agricultural Machinery and Rural Utilities, Genetic Improvement and Biotechnology, Gender Perspective in Agricultural Sciences, Livestock Production, Plant Production and Protection, ICT soil and water technology, food technologyIssues of great influence in any society.

This is an interesting challenge as research results will be made public and academic collaboration between institutions will also be deepened. It is also important to note that it is precisely through science and technology that the opportunity for internationalization is achieved for both kidneys. For both academics and students in the agricultural engineering profession, these science and technology conferences allow not only to strengthen our disciplines, but also to deepen our relationship with the UN College of Agricultural Sciences.

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