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Cristóbal Belda, nuevo director del Instituto de Salud Carlos III

Cristóbal Belda Iniesta, new director of the Health Institute

As a researcher, Belda has published more than 100 international articles.

the Council of Ministers This Tuesday, on the proposal of the Minister of Health, has agreed, Carolina DariaAnd based on the decision of the Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, to appoint Cristóbal Belda Iniesta as new director of the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII).

Belda Iniesta was born in 1971 Graduated in medicine and surgery He holds a MD from the University of Murcia and a MD from the Autonomous University of Madrid and, to date, has served as Deputy Director General for Evaluation and Promotion of Research at ISCIII.

OncologistFor more than 15 years, he has been involved in the study of biomarkers and the management of R&D.

Since the expiry of the period of stay in La Paz University Hospital in Madrid He obtained a research training contract after MIR (current Río Hortega), his relationship with ISCIII has been stable.

was a manager National School of Health (ENS) of ISCIII and before reaching the aforementioned Sub-Directorate of ISCIII, Executive Director of HM Hospital Research Foundation. Throughout his career, he has been a member and deputy of the Technical Evaluation Committee in the field of Cancer and Technological Development and in the Foundation for Innovation and the Future in Health in Spain (FIPSE). He was also part of various committees for scientific quality assessment in regional, national and international organizations.

As a researcher, he has published more than 100 international articles, published various doctoral theses in the field of oncology, health economics and pulmonology, and various books geared towards predictive medicine and biomedical innovation.

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Yoti, Secretary General of Scientific Research

Belda Iniesta is President of the Carlos III Health Institute Raquel Yotti, new Secretary General for Research at the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Raquel Yotti left ISCIII command after only three years in office. During this time, in addition to its primary role in managing the COVID-19 pandemic in the past year and a half, the Institute published its first strategic plan, which will cover the period 2021-2025, and introduced several improvements and novelties in Strategic Action in Health (AES), among many Other actions associated with the promotion of research, funding, training and service provision in the field of biomedicine and health.

ISCIII is a public research body based on the Ministries of Science and Innovation and Health, whose mission is to contribute to improving people’s health and disease control by promoting biomedical and health research and innovation, science funding, health training and the provision of technical scientific services to the NHS.

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