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Starting Friday, Correo de Cuba will provide cross-border e-commerce services (+ video)

Starting Friday, Correo de Cuba will provide cross-border e-commerce services (+ video)

A piece of Correos de Cuba. Photo: Ismael Francisco / Cubadebat.

And about the improvement and expansion of electronic commerce in Correos de Cuba and the news of international remittances that will begin to be implemented next Friday, commented in round shaped table Liber Labrada Suárez, Director of Marketing and Business at Correos de Cuba Business Group.

In order to provide some new services in the post office in Cuba – he says – it is necessary to have two infrastructures. “In the first place, logistics. In this sense, new investments have been made in equipment, including electric cars. Secondly, there are technologies. 85% of post offices are computerized, a total of 734.”

He added that the goal is 2023 to raise the number to 95%. Why don’t you take it one hundred percent? “This is due to an objective situation and there are places where this technology cannot be accessed, despite the implementation of mobile connections. When Etecsa advances in this sense, we will complete all offices.”

Correos de Cuba, at the time of the coronavirus outbreak, was involved in e-commerce in distributing products and also has its own virtual store on the Superfácil platform. Liber Labrada Suárez said that through these experiences, Correos de Cuba will implement cross-border e-commerce in three phases.

A batch of products passes through the postal system, which will be purchased electronically from abroad. “Private parcel operators have e-commerce platforms and customers living abroad can access them, make purchases online and send them to Cuba in the form of a shipment,” he explained.

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He added that this purchase is expected to reach Cuba for 15-30 days.

What are the new elements of this service? Primarily, the representation and nationalization of groups. “Once purchased from abroad on our partner platforms (virtual stores), they are distributed and delivered in our postal network, based on the transaction being presented today for express shipment, since these products are in our temporary customs warehouses in Cuba.

It will be delivered in seven days. When the customer makes the purchase and the order is made, the delivery will take place. The service will start this Friday, as the available loads have been found in the countrysaid the Director of Marketing and Business at Correos de Cuba Business Group.

reported that The kits will be cleaning, food, medicine, school supplies, and durable items (household supplies and appliances).

He added that he intends in a second stage to distribute in the state the products of economic actors from the governmental and non-governmental sectors that are offered for sale on the national e-commerce platforms owned by the post office or to others. . “Customers from the national territory will be able to purchase the products on this platform and it will be delivered as if it were a traditional postal shipment.”

Export of products of economic operators, from governmental and non-governmental sectors, offered for sale on national e-commerce platforms, owned by the post office or third parties, with the support of postal operators from other countries, for distribution abroad of a Cuban product purchased on the Internet, this is the third moment of this commitment modernizing e-commerce, according to the director of marketing and business at Post Office Business Group in Cuba.

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News about international money transfers

The statutory package agrees to the dimensions of the correspondence shipments, postal parcels and the value of the amount of national postal orders. Photo: Courtesy of Cuba Post Office

Regarding transfers through the international portal, he noted that this is a service that has been provided since 2011. Cuba has agreements with Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru and Panama.

“There are two ways to send the money order, by depositing the account in MLC accounts, and this is the service requested by the person imposing the money order originally. Correos de Cuba deposits the amount in any of the banks with which we have a business relationship today (Metropolitano, Bandec and BPA) “.

This action – he added – It was carried out in a period of 22 days, and now it has been reduced to 48 hours.

In the case of Standard Cash Promissory Notes (CUP), a scale has been adopted Apply the current country exchange rate for foreign currencies set by the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC), for example: 1 US dollar = 120 Cuban.

An authorized BCC trade margin of one percent is applied to the international transfer. He explained that the customer receives from the window an amount for every 1 US dollar = 118.80 cups.

Among the novelties, Liber Labrada Suárez said, the customer can request crediting the balance in the CUP towards the national accounts also in the CUP at the request of the beneficiary.

He stated that this new procedure will begin to be implemented Starting Friday, October 14, 2022.

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