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Spain requires consulates to quickly grant citizenship after the law is approved

Spain requires consulates to quickly grant citizenship after the law is approved

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, José Manuel Alparís, had sent an internal communication to the Spanish consulates for them to act “quickly” in granting citizenship covered by the new law of Democratic Memory or “law of descendants”, it is known in Cuba.

according to him Spanish newspaperObjective This “circulation” has been sent abroad so that these agencies are ready to increase these requests. In the coming months, thousands of Spaniards’ descendants will be able to apply for their citizenship, especially “older children” who were excluded, when their parents obtained citizenship under the previous 2007 law.

From the law, to start the procedures in the consulates, just its publication in the Official Gazette of the State (BOE) is pending, to know the exact requirements. It is scheduled to publish the same in the coming days, according to sources from Spain.

According to official data, from the 2007 law, just over 50% of applications for Spanish citizenship were approved, specifically 52.8% of applications for citizenship, mostly from France, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba. Which made a total of about 250,000 new Spaniards abroad. Many of them later migrated to the Iberian country in search of better living conditions.

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After this ‘Descendants Act’ is published in the Bank of England, there will be two years to draft the application, and one year to extend if the government requests it later. But experts point out that it is implemented as quickly as possible. They also reported from Spain that consulates that are expected to have a higher number of applications, such as the Cuban Consulate, will be reinforced with staff.

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An information brochure is being prepared which will be distributed in PDF format to consular offices so that they can print it and distribute it to interested persons. It is also recommended to carry out informational actions, once the above-mentioned law enters into force, with Spanish groups, associations and institutions that may be present in that consular demarcation, as well as , if any, with the Council of Foreign Residents,” Paris explains to the consulates in its statement, according to the mentioned media.

There is also the possibility that older children who would take advantage of their parents’ Spanish citizenship attend without an “appointment”.

The files submitted by these applicants will be relatively simple, consisting mainly of the application, their birth certificate and their father/mother’s Spanish birth certificate. In this case, other applicants will only attend by appointment,” they insist.