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How to get a US visa in the 2024 lottery?  Steps to follow

How to get a US visa in the 2024 lottery? Steps to follow

On October 5, the registration window for the . program will appear Visa Lottery 2024 from the United States. In the process, 55,000 people from eligible countries will benefit.If you meet the basic requirements to apply, you can now access the website www.dvprogram.state.gov and “upload” your information. By the way, the State Department clarified that the application can only be submitted through this site.

Cuban Guide It is suggested that you know the steps you have to follow to fulfill the right order and on time.

14 data that cannot be missing when applying to the US visa lottery

In the application process, your name and surnames cannot be missing, just as they appear in the passport. You should also consider the following aspects. Gender, date of birth, the city you were born in, the country of origin, the nation you applied to, and recent photos of you, your spouse and your children.

Don’t forget to include your current address, the country you live in today, your phone number, and your email address.

Other essential elements are your highest completed education level, your marital status and up-to-date information about your children. In the latter case, it does not matter whether you plan to take them with you to the United States or not if you are approved.

Keep your details for the duration of the visa lottery application process

Once all of your data has been “uploaded” to the system, a confirmation screen will appear with your name and a unique confirmation number.

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This aspect is essential, save the information so you can see the status of the application as of May 6, 2023.

Until when can I apply for the 2024 visa lottery

The deadline for registration in the current window is November 8 at 12 noon Cuban time.

On the subject, the US State Department warned that one should not wait for the last days of the semester to apply. why? In those last days, the demand is growing and the site may take time to load information.

No application will be considered after the specified deadline. Meanwhile, only one entry is allowed per person. Those who complete the process more than once will be automatically disqualified.