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Social Security: Know the requirements to get U$D 1,900 on May 22 |  USA |  rppusa

Social Security: Know the requirements to get U$D 1,900 on May 22 | USA | rppusa

The distribution schedule for Social Security payments depends on each beneficiary’s date of birth.

The Administration Social security (SSAto its abbreviation in English) sends millions of checks weekly to various recipients. Retired workers Even those with disabilities.

The government agency is preparing to issue a New round of money for May And it is important to know the requirements to receive the check on a certain date. It should be noted that the amount of money each beneficiary receives varies according to different variables: salary received and taxes Social security.

Taking into account that the amount is linked to age, the SSA The maximum benefit for retirees at age 62 is U$D 2,710, at age 65 is U$D 3,426 and at age 66 is U$D 3,652. Those delaying retirement until age 70 can receive a maximum of U$D 4,873.

Requirements to get U$D 1,900 on May 22nd

The payment distribution schedule depends on the date of birth of the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries with dates follow the Social Security payment schedule Born between 21 and 31 They are the ones who will receive an average check of U$D 1,900 on May 22

In addition to being born on those dates, the applicant must have contributed to the Social Security scheme for several years.

In other groups, those born Between 1st and 10th of every month They get paid on the second Wednesday of the month. Those with date of birth Between the 11th and 20th, They get their checks on the third Wednesday.

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