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Tragedy of Venezuelan family whose son was murdered in Chicago

Tragedy of Venezuelan family whose son was murdered in Chicago


They came from New York and now with signs in their hands, asking for help to say goodbye to their murdered son.

By Telemundo Chicago

“Why did they take it away from me? “They did the worst thing they could do to him… it’s very painful,” said Yubi Adriana, wife of the victim’s father.

This is how Yubi, the cousin of Christian Diaz, a young Venezuelan who came to America hoping to achieve the American Dream, feels.

“Christian doesn’t give up on anybody, Christian is very honest, he’ll do whatever it takes to help that person,” said Eran Diaz, the victim’s father.

A frustrated dream on May 27 when two men broke into his home in the 300 block north of Lung Avenue and took his life, according to police reports.

“Two men enter his room and stab him three times. One in the arm, one in the stomach, one in the back,” said Iran Diaz.

According to police, the attackers were known to the victim, but authorities have not yet released a description of the suspects.

“If that person is looking at you now, acknowledge it and turn around. No one escapes before God and justice is done in this country,” said Iran Diaz.

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