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So you can take a professional picture of the moon from your cell phone

So you can take a professional picture of the moon from your cell phone

The moon is the only natural satellite owned by the earth and its beauty has captivated all the earthlings, who over the years have spent time and invested money to learn more about it.

In fact, international space agencies such as those in the United States, Europe and China are investigating the latest satellite.

In this way, satellite enthusiasts sought to find a way to form a memory in their homes of the beauty of the moon through images, and thus professionals in photography put all their efforts and money to get the best image.

Moon photography has been a trend for many years With mobile phones, most of the users of these mobile devices have tested the cameras by taking satellite images.

Now, mobile phone manufacturers offer camera developments every month, but at the end of this year, the ZERO X Neo was discovered, an Infinix device that promised the best professional-looking images of the moon.

But many will say why they make that promise at the mobile launch if taking a picture of the moon is so easy, just go out for one night and use your cell phone. It turns out that this assumption is not entirely correct, because it is difficult to take a very good photo, and to get a picture with all the sharp colors and their shades is not easy.

According to Infinix, the phone has a super zoom at 60X zoom rate and the camera has the latest technology. Triple Focal Length Camera combined with 48MP Super Night Camera with OIS optical stabilization to capture every detail in a wider field of view, and manages to reduce blurry images.

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In addition, there is an 8-megapixel periscope lens with 5X optical zoom and 60X hybrid zoom, which, powered by the Galileo algorithm engine developed by Infinix, allows the smartphone to zoom in and take high-resolution images of the moon.

In contrast, there is a 2-megapixel depth lens that covers a wide, 120-degree field of view.

Together, all these features will allow capturing unique and engaging content and videos in 4K quality. Regarding the front camera, it is 16 MP with flash and an improved AI capture technology, for taking selfies.

In Colombia, Infinix explained that the entire system is powered by a 5000 mAh battery with 18W TÜV Rheinland fast and safe charging technology, which charges the device to 40% in 15 minutes with greater safety and a fully improved warranty; In addition to 8 + 128 GB memory.

Zero X Neo comes in three colours: Nebula Black, Starry Silver and Bahamas Blue.

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