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Los semáforos inteligentes se quedaron en la prueba

Smart traffic lights stayed the test

Greater Santo Domingo has some traffic lights with cameras to catch traffic violators and improve traffic flow, but they do not work.

With the increasing flow of vehicles day by day, due to the lack of equity in judging the irregularities, the authorities did not create allies of technology to carry out the inspection tasks and left them only before the human eye and hand.

Some of the cameras installed in the National District are on its job to protect the injured from the National Emergency System 911 and assist in other events.

In 2018, there was talk of a traffic light with a “special” camera to catch trays of violators by crossing the red light.

That traffic controller will be installed at the intersection of Abraham Lincoln and February 27th Avenue, but as of today’s sun there is no conclusive evidence that it was launched.

The fact that people live in different streets and ways of the country are completely contrary to what is expressed by the organisms responsible for following these rules, or looking for “salmonic” solutions in the face of a very irregular nature, which led to the phrase viral. It is about the “caps per se” used by General Ramon Antonio Guzm பெn Peralta, director general of transport and land transport (DJSET).

From those who ask for the famous “command” to “give me a chance” to those who are arrogant to appeal “you do not know who I am”, it is a part of the daily lives of agents who point to a lack of education that causes tension between the two. Parties, because drivers commit serious crimes that endanger their lives and those who share traffic with them, but agents may not always be aware of the applicable rules.

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But just as many members of companies working in vehicle control do not see the violations going on under their noses, their bosses do not take action to correct these failures.

What is happening on the roads of Santo Domingo?
Miximo Gómez, John F. Kennedy, 27 de Febrero, Winston Churchill and Lope de Vega, some of the busiest ways thousands of people go to school, work and various jobs. These are the ones that present the most problems of the road nature.

Ignoring the red light of a traffic light, going the wrong way, going over two people on a two-wheeler, turning off signals, exceeding the speed limit and other traffic violations are the major causes of accidents.

Poor condition of streets and lanes, as well as lack of covers for drainage and lighting systems are all included above.

Correction of these defects in the roads is the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works, the Boundary Boards where they are located, and the Santo Domingo Waterway and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD).

Experiment in 2018
In September 2018, one of the roads in Santo Domingo was set up to monitor traffic through a “smart traffic light” placed at a large intersection. In the morning, afternoon and night, this section has a surveillance system that catches violators of one of the main traffic rules: Do not cross the red line.

Claudia Francesca de los Santos, then director of the National Transport and Land Transportation Corporation (Intront), said 150 drivers had been caught for a month and a half insulting the red light at the traffic light.

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At the moment of violating this signal, the license plates of the vehicles in which the “violators” are traveling will be photographed and then the fines will be checked and sent to the offenders.

“It simply came to our notice then. These components help us understand where the information is going, how the fines are verified, how it goes into the system and how it is sent to violators, “de las Santos explained.

According to the study, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on weekdays is the time when the highest number of violations occur, contrary to the opinion of experts that it happens late at night on weekends.

During the second phase of the study, it was planned to place four more radars at the “black dots” identified on the Duarte Highway; It is one of the roads where a large number of accidents occur.

In that case, Intron promised to announce the locations where the radars were located after test time, because it said the company’s mission was to raise awareness among travelers on the highways and highways. They have no fines.

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The mayor said a solution would be found
The mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejia, announced that the National Transportation and Land Transportation Agency (INTRAN) is working to evaluate the ongoing options and solutions to the vehicular traffic problem in the capital. Diario, smart traffic lights must be installed.

Interviewed on departure for New York via Los Americas Airport, Mejia said he would like to wait until Intront’s technical division to issue a statement because it has not ruled out the idea of ​​installing intelligent traffic lights. For that effect.

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