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Six tips for getting the most out of the Mail app on iPhone

Six tips for getting the most out of the Mail app on iPhone

There are many hidden features in Apple Mail that every iPhone user should know about. (Getty Images)

Users iPhone They can take advantage of a series of advanced functions that are not well known about the application Apple Mail, Which is integrated from the factory into your devices.

Among them is the ability to Cancel sending emailsSchedule them to ship later and manage multiple accounts efficiently.

The goal of some of these tools is to allow owners of mobile devices developed by CupertinoThey can take their productivity to the next level.

these are Six tips To make the most of this email platform.

It is possible to cancel an email that was sent by mistake in Apple Mail (Getty)

The advantage of using Apple Mail is the ability to Cancel sending an emailIt is very useful when an email is sent in error or contains a previously undetected error.

To cancel the shipment it is only necessary:

– Click the button Cancel download Send which appears at the bottom of the screen immediately after sending the email.

– This will direct the user to a Crafting screenWhere you can edit the email and send it again.

– It is also possible to press the button Eliminates In the upper left corner to cancel sending the email and move it to Drafts.

By default, Apple allows you to restore email Up to 10 seconds later To send it. Although this duration can be changed.

To do this, you need to go to sendthen press Undo shipping delay Choose the time period you prefer on the next screen.

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One of the main characteristics of Apple Mail It is the ability to schedule emails locally on iPhone.

It is a trick that gives you the freedom to compose emails Anticipation and scheduling To be sent automatically at the specified date and time.

Doing this is easy, just touch and hold the button Submit button To choose an option.

You can schedule the email to be sent on the same day, the next day, or at a specific date and time.

An impractical solution is to manually delete the emails, select them, and move them to the Trash. (Manzana)

Apple Mail Tracking returns an email to appear automatically at the top of your inbox if you don’t receive a response within three days.

When this happens, when you open the message you will see a message Continue button. You need to click on it to start writing a new response.

If you don’t want to follow up on email, you can simply do so He ignores Notification.

Finally, to ignore future follow suggestions, simply tap the button additional And specify wipe up Follow-up suggestion.

It is possible to organize emails and not lose track of them using the tracking function in Apple Mail (Getty)

Remember me It is another feature in Apple Mail to make life easier for users, as it allows you to add a reminder to the email to return to it at a specific time and not leave it unanswered.

To set a reminder we must:

– Go to Inbox And find the email you want to configure with a reminder.

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– Swipe right and select additional And then Remember me.

– Select the time option provided by the pop-up window.

– If you need to set a reminder for a specific date and time, you can choose Remember me later.

Once the reminder is set, it can be found in the Remind Me folder in your mailboxes. You can also modify it if necessary.

It is possible to save email conversations as PDF files from iPhone without the need for additional applications. (Getty Images)

If you want to save an email conversation offline or share it with someone, you can export it as a file PDF From the application..

To do this, all you have to do is open the email you want to save and then click the button to reply Which is located at the bottom of the screen.

Then you must click on Printing press The email preview will be displayed.

Depending on the length of your email, the preview may span several pages.

When this happens, you can too Select pages that you want to include in your final PDF file.

a Email signature It serves many purposes, although the main one is that it legitimizes emails and makes them look more professional.

Apple Mail uses this feature Sent from my iPhone As the default signature on your iPhone, fortunately, it also allows you to create it to add a more personalized touch to your emails.

To do this you have to go sessionHe chooses mail And click Signature.

If you are a user with multiple email accounts, you can add them all to Mail to manage them more efficiently.

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To do this, you must follow the following process:

– Go to sessionHe chooses mail And touch Accounts.

– tap on Add an account.

– Select the type of account you want to add on the next screen. If it is not in the list, press last Fill in the account details on the next screen.

– Follow the instructions and enter your account credentials to log in.

– Finally, check the option mail It is activated and click Memorizes.

Once the new account is added, it can be found in your mailboxes. From here, you can also switch between all your accounts to view or send emails.