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Marte visto de cerca: el róver Perseverance envía una nueva tanda de fotos tras semanas fuera de línea

Seeing Mars up close: The persistent rover sends back a new batch of images after weeks of being offline


October 29, 2021 09:42 GMT

Radio communication with Earth was paralyzed while the Red Planet was on the other side of the Sun, something that happens once every two years.

I have sent a persevering Mars rover in NASA A set of new images after an internet outage for more than two weeks due to a solar conjunction that began in late September. Radio communication between Earth and Mars was paralyzed while the red planet was on the other side of the sun, something that happens once every two years.

as mentioned Last October 25, trolley profile on Twitter, link reestablished On that day, Perseverance again transmitted dozens of photos: two panoramic photos of the landscape of Jezero crater (the area he is exploring), as well as the sun itself and various Selfie.

Before disconnecting, the car at the beginning of September had managed to take a distance rock sample Mars used that time period to continue its chemical analysis. While it was parked between two rocky outcrops, Keep working on autopilot They watch with their cameras how the wind moved the dirt around the stones.

The result of this observation is a photograph of an isolated stone among the dunes, chosen by a NASA website user vote “Picture of the Week”. In the foreground you can see the tire tracks left by the car itself.

Several images taken on October 23 by a camera mounted above the rover mast show a layered fragmentation of a rock, the almost straight sides of which are seen closely.

The SkyCam, a camera located on the upper deck of the perseverance facing the sky, took some pictures of the Sun as seen from the Red Planet, filtered or unfiltered. At the same time, navigation cameras on the mast continued to record views of Mars, one of which features a concave horizon and a prominent hill in its center.

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