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Historical news for iOS and Android

Historical news for iOS and Android

These are all the latest news included in the WhatsApp application on iOS and Android

WhatsApp is getting great news for iOS and Android

WhatsApp Messenger It is undoubtedly one of the best instant messaging apps today. In fact, WhatsApp is the leading app in this sector in many regions, especially Spain and Latin American countries, and is increasingly popular in the United States where Apple's original messaging app still reigns supreme.

The latest data from WhatsApp indicates that the application has been received 68 million downloads during 2023 In the United States, with a 9% growth in the number of primary users. Currently, WhatsApp overtakes Messenger 2.78 billion active users At the global level.

The great success of WhatsApp lies in… Continuous updating of content With new features and improvements that significantly increase the quality of your user experience. WhatsApp updates in December added single-view voice messages, music playback when sharing screens, and AI features that continue to expand on iOS and Android. Do you want to discover what's new in the January 2024 WhatsApp update?

New WhatsApp update January 2024

An image of an iPhone with WhatsApp

WhatsApp will soon allow you to change the colors of the app

Meta is about to integrate great new features into WhatsApp during this year 2024, and they are planning – finally! – To launch a version of WhatsApp for iPad. But before that happens Historical changes are coming to both iOS and Android.

The EU's new Digital Markets Act (DMA) will bring big changes to the Apple App Store… but also to its apps! One of these changes relates to the fact that this is the case WhatsApp will allow you to chat with Discord and Telegram users And other platforms. It is undoubtedly a historical novelty for messaging apps. Let's see what else WhatsApp has in store for us!

WhatsApp screenshot

WhatsApp is working on a new way to send files

  • Compatibility with third-party applications: WhatsApp will implement 'interoperability' with other platforms, reports V WABetaInfoTo chat with other messaging app users.

WhatsApp will introduce new chats with Telegram, Discord, Line and other apps

  • Customization features: In addition to implementing a new design in its interface, WhatsApp is now also working on new customization themes that will allow users to change the main color of the app. Can you imagine a blue or orange WhatsApp?
WhatsApp topics

WhatsApp will allow you to change the main color of the app

It is worth noting that some of these iOS and Android news are in beta and They will be gradually introduced to WhatsApp Messenger over the coming weeks Through software updates. So follow us on the App Store and Play Store!

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WhatsApp channel news


WhatsApp has revolutionized the use of its channels

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a series of new features coming to WhatsApp channels that will improve the way content creators communicate with their users.

  • Audio notes: Channel admins can now share voice notes within their channels, adding a dynamic and personal touch to communication with their followers.
  • Multiple officials: It is now possible to assign more channel admins to help channel owners deliver new content on their channels.
  • Share the status: Sharing channel content as a status update now has a new look to help users understand that it's a channel update.
  • Surveys: Channel admins can now create and share polls, collecting opinions, preferences, and comments from channel followers.

By the way, remember that From iPadízate we also have our own verified WhatsApp channel Where you can learn about all the news related to the world of Apple and all its devices, in addition to many other news from WhatsApp and the rest of the applications in the App Store.