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All new game-changing features for iPhone

All new game-changing features for iPhone

The launch of iOS 17.4 will mark before and after the iPhone era

All the changes coming to iOS 17.4

Apple has released the first beta of iOS 17.4 with a series of new features that will completely revolutionize the iPhone operating system. As we've been anticipating for months, with this software update, Apple will welcome alternatives to the App Store. but And this isn't the only historic change in iOS 17.4. There is more, much more.

In addition to the famous Side loadingApple has implemented several other new features in iOS 17.4. In this summary we will tell you all the news that comes with the new software update. There's a lot to talk about

From a collection of over 100 new emojis to a list of web browsing apps to use by default in iOS 17.4. Let's Begin!

What's new in iOS 17.4

Before we start listing all the new features of iOS 17.4, it must be noted that this software update is in beta, but if you wish, you can now try out all the new features by installing the beta version of iOS 17.4 from Settings > General > Software Update On your iPhone.

Alternatives to the App Store

App Store

The European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) requires Apple to accept third-party stores

With iOS 17.4, Apple introduced new options for distributing apps with third-party stores. Now the App Store won't be the only one the shop From iPhone. Users will be able to do so Download apps from alternatives to the App Store Developers will be able to use the new API structure to create their own app stores commission-free.

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New payment methods

App Store

The App Store will provide alternative payment methods

In parallel with the arrival of third-party app stores, Apple will also approve alternative payment methods within App Store apps. In-app purchases can be made Via links or directly in the application. Developers will receive a 3% discount on commissions.

New default web browsers


Safari will have new competitors in iOS 17.4

Apple has allowed iPhone users to choose default web browsing apps other than Safari for years. But so far the process Limited to web browsers developed with Webkit. In iOS 17.4, it will be possible to change Safari to another default web browser from the list of most popular web browsing apps in the App Store that will appear when users open Safari.

Video game platforms


The cat protagonist in “Stray” is inspired by a feral cat named Murtaugh

The App Store will also accept streaming video game apps. This means that iOS 17.4 users will be able to do so Download apps from the App Store that contain their video game catalogsuch as Xbox Cloud Gaming.

New emojis


New emojis in iOS 17.4

Apple has added a selection of more than 100 new emojis to iOS 17.4, including yes and no emojis, phoenix, lemon, broken chain, and new family groups. Moreover, you can too Change the direction or orientation of the emoji Such as the person who walks, the person who runs, the person who uses a cane, etc.

Messages with Siri


Siri settings in iOS 17.4

Automatic message sending function Siri and search It was renamed to “Send Messages with Siri” in iOS 17.4 and a new option to allow was implemented Siri reads messages in a specific language Such as Spanish, German, French, Italian… This setting will not change the native language of Siri on your iPhone.

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Apple Podcast

Apple's Podcast app has got some great news

Another novelty lies in the Podcasts app for iOS 17.4, which now offers the ability Read podcast transcripts, a feature similar to song lyrics in Apple Music. In addition, playback controls have been improved and the Listen Now category in the main menu has been renamed to Home.