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8 useful Apple Watch apps to stay fit and take care of your health in watchOS 10

8 useful Apple Watch apps to stay fit and take care of your health in watchOS 10

We recommend a wide range of Apple Watch apps for download on watchOS 10

Apple Watch takes care of your health in thousands of different ways

We recently shared a fantastic collection of iPhone-exclusive apps specifically designed to take advantage of the full potential of iOS 17. The last time we recommended an app list for Apple Watch it was with the Apps List to Take Advantage of New Features watchOS 10. Now we're back loading up with a selection of Health applications For Apple Watch.

Consumers who choose to purchase an Apple Watch typically do so because of its excellent health benefits. There can be nothing more powerful in the marketing world than a life-saving device like the Apple Watch. So let's see which apps make the most of the capabilities of the Apple smartwatch.

here they are The best apps to take care of your health with the Apple Watch Available in the App Store for watchOS 10.3, the latest version of the smartwatch operating system.

Health apps for apple watch

Download these apps to stay fit and take care of your health with your Apple Watch. We have been included in the list Training apps, calorie monitoring apps, relaxation apps, mental health apps And much more.

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club allows you to track all your data while exercising by running. The Apple Watch app includes motivational training sessions, health tips, real-time mileage, maps of your route, progress stats, and more.


This running app is one of the most popular apps in the watchOS 10 app store and will allow you to track stats like distance, pace, speed, elevation, heart rate, and calories burned. You can also use Strava for swimming, surfing, yoga, cycling, climbing, and other sports.

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Calm is one of the best meditation apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. In fact, it is also available on Apple TV with great images as a screensaver for your TV. Perfect for 10 minutes of peace of mind, with narrated stories, relaxing music and expert guides Complete focus of mind. Free yourself from this worry and be happier with calm.

Total life

Are you on a diet? Are you already preparing for summer with bikini surgery? Lifesum is your app. An app for watchOS 10 that gives you great nutrition tips, calorie tracking, healthy recipes, progress data, and more.

Gymnastics lover

Gymaholic is the perfect Apple Watch app com. gamebros. It's like a mini personal trainer that will help you plan your training with over 800 exercises, data logs, history and personalized plans.


This Apple app will allow you to take an ECG right from your wrist. An application that is able to monitor your heart rate thanks to the electrical sensor in the Apple Watch. An app that saves lives.


Cardiogram is a heart monitoring app that helps you detect serious health conditions and gives you data on how your heart reacts to certain types of food, exercise, and more.

Round health

Round Health is an app specifically designed to remind you to take all your medications and vitamins. It has a log to help you see which days you took your medication and includes a list of your medications and a schedule with reminders.

That's all the best health apps for Apple Watch. Learn how to take care of yourself and stay fit by doing your favorite exercises and using Apple Watch as your personal trainer.