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A picture of the smart watch developed by Facebook leaked

A picture of the smart watch developed by Facebook leaked

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a few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg offer intention dead (formerly Facebook) to develop its first smartwatch.

Now an article by Bloomberg Post the first picture of smart watch. Of course, this leak cannot be considered official.

According to the broker, the image is inside the official Facebook app for controlling Ray-Ban smart glasses, Ray-Ban Stories.

the first smart watch From the company it can have two cameras and a detachable box, which allows it to be removed from his belt, taken a picture and reinstalled where it was.

According to the first rumors, Meta was going to invest about a billion dollars to develop this smartwatch.

At the moment, the device is codenamed Milan and has a large screen reminiscent of the Apple Watch, however, the Apple Watch does not have a camera.

According to Bloomberg, one of the rooms smart watch It can be used for video calls and it will be 1080p, which is quite a lot for such a device. The watch will also have health functions, Fitness and messages.

Facebook’s initial intention was to launch this new product in the summer of 2022, however, the article notes that there is still uncertainty about its launch date and availability.

It has also been clarified that the watch shown in the image is likely not the one that eventually reaches consumers.

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