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Singer Noelia reveals that she suffered from illness for 15 years

Singer Noelia reveals that she suffered from illness for 15 years

Controversial singer Noelia He admitted that he had been ill for 15 years.

The translator of “Clávame tu amor”, who has more than one and a half million followers on her Instagram account, said that she suffered a lot when she was diagnosed with Vitiligo.

He said it all came as a result of “a lot of tears, a lot of stress and suffering” in his life.

“Today 15 years ago life put me before one of the most difficult tests of my existence. 15 years ago, my heart fell into a thousand pieces … when I saw my dreams, my work, my efforts and my illusions succumb to the worst villain a woman can suffer,” said the daughter of Puerto Rican singer Yolandeta Monge.

“After months of crying, a lot of stress and a lot of suffering and harassment, my body began to pay for the tension and nerves, I became ill over time, and certain parts of my skin began to lose color. After consulting with specialists I was very scared I received the news that my immune system Because of my severe condition Nerves and a lot of tension Noelia said, “I had a disease called VITILIGO.

Terra.com shows that someone very special gave him a lot of support. “When I saw how my condition grew, I once had the opportunity to share with someone who faced life so positively and made use of every moment even with a terminal cancer facing its fate, God for her in his glory, warrior!” The blonde bombshell commented without revealing the person’s name.

Tu’s translator said the spots on her skin were scars from “the tests and lessons that God gave me.”

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“From that moment I knew that my duty in life was to be grateful and happy for the blessings that God gave me and the talents God gave me. Me and vitiligo are now friends. We have learned to live together, one more stigma less one does not make me less in the eyes of God and the universe, he commented.

At the beginning of his career in the 1990s, he had hits like “Candela”, “Dimaciado Amore” and other songs that made him sell more than 10 million copies, in addition to having more than 10 radio songs on the popularity charts. By Billboard Latino and 3 hits on Billboard Dance in English.

But it was the scandals with her mother, Yolandeta, complaining about sexual abuse by her stepfather, late businessman Toby Mamre, and even being a sexy model and her OnlyFans that made her headlines.