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Coffee with a Woman's Smell, Carmen Villalobos: Why Lucia Sanclement disappointed the audience |  Colombia |  Fame

Coffee with a Woman’s Smell, Carmen Villalobos: Why Lucia Sanclement disappointed the audience | Colombia | Fame

It was such a milestone in Colombian television in 1994, when it conquered the local audience and the rest of Latin America, that Telemundo, after several years, developed a new version among its stars: She is known internationally for her work in productions such as “Without Breasts No Heaven” and “My Heart Insists on Lola Vulcan”.

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How Villalobos is called upon to make life impossible for the two protagonists, William Levy and Laura Londoño. However, rather than dedicating herself to committing atrocities, Lucia, deep down, is a sensitive person, with fears and frustrations, characteristics that disappointed the public who expected evil from her.

A few months before the premiere of the movie The actress herself explained to People en Español that Lucia is a classy, ​​elegant and determined woman, apparently self-confident, and despite the fact that on some occasions he can be “Sweet patience and sensitiveIt can also be deceptive, cunning, and obsessive.

He frequently faces frustration, fear, and loneliness and fears abandonment. That is why she will fight for Sebastian, because he is the love of her life and he is the perfect person to have that family that she has always dreamed of.”The actress hung.

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Yes good Carmen Villalobos Plays very well character Lucia SanclementFollowers and critics of this new production have not overlooked some details regarding her role as a villain in the first eight seasons of the telenovela.

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This happens despite the fact that the actress announced that Lucia will not be the typical opponent that one is used to seeing on the screens. Even criticism came from her Instagram Where he has 17 million followers.

“She’s a very good actress, but there may still be quite a few episodes but this hate hasn’t reached me yet. I still don’t feel that bad connection, that venom that the villain exudes”User commented.

Given that, the actress didn’t take long to respond, arguing with what she had said months earlier in the interview, regarding Lucia Sanclemente not being a bad woman.

“She’s not bad. I always told them. She’s a woman who fights for what she thinks is hers. And he gets the things that many humans carry inside of him: envy, selfishness, manipulation”, handle.

But for other social network users, this would have affected the rating of the TV series in Colombia because the plot – so far – is different from the original. This production was highly anticipated because it was the remake of the 1994 classic.

It should be noted that this TV, a remake of the remembered Colombian production, is broadcast on Telemundo at 10:00 pm and promises to be one of the most accepted by the audience with the participation of Carmen Villalobos, William Levy and. Laura Londono.


These are the actors from the 1994 version versus those who took on their roles in this new version.

Margarita Rosa de Francisco and J. Ecker / Laura Londono and William Levy (Gaviota and Sebastian)

  • Alejandra Borreiro / Carmen Villalobos (Lucia Sandoval)
  • Constanza Duque / Catherine Velez (Carmenza Suarez)
  • Cristobal Erazures / Diego Cadavid (Ivan Vallejo)
  • Silvia de Dios / Mabel Moreno (Lucrecia Rivas de Vallejo)
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In one of the most recent chapters of the telenovela, Captain Jaime Contreras is observed arriving at the Vallejo family’s farm, as he urges him to tell them that a man has been arrested who knows what, supposedly, happened when they tried to kidnap Octavio.

Thus, Contreras comments that Wilson Briceño asserted that he was part of a false event, and that this statement alarmed Julia (Lucís Velázquez) and Bernardo, who could not believe the account they were hearing.

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