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Since the repeal of Title 42, encounters with immigrants have dropped to about 3,000 per day, and the number of deportations has exceeded 11,000.

(CNN) — Since Title 42 expired last week, federal immigration officials have seen a significant drop in encounters with immigrants at the southern border and a sharp increase in deportation attempts, according to an agency news release.

“In the last 48 hours, approximately 3,000 USBP meetings took place [Patrulla Fronteriza de EE.UU.] Between ports of entry each day, approximately 70% less than in the 48 hours prior to the lifting of Title 42,” the statement said. “We are encouraged by this progress, but it is too early to make any firm conclusions or predict trends”.

The three most common nationalities found are Mexican, Honduran and Guatemalan, the report says.

The Department of Homeland Security has deported more than 11,000 immigrants, including single adults and families, to more than 30 countries since May 12, according to the agency. Among those evictions were 1,100 Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Haitians and Cubans returned to Mexico under an agreement with that country.

Through legal pathways created by the Biden administration, more than 1,000 immigrants a day arrive at ports of entry for CBP One appointments, and 7,000 verified and sponsored Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans have come to the United States through parole. Process from January 2023 onwards.

Although migrant encounters have slowed, DHS warns that historic migration is still happening.

“The underlying conditions for historic migration in the Western Hemisphere exist, and traffickers will continue to spread misinformation to lure migrants into making the dangerous journey,” the report said.