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Tiger sparks controversy on social media with direct jabs at Otola

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Saturday, May 20, 2023

Cuban singer José Manuel Carbajal Saldivar, known as El Tigre, sparked controversy by showing videos of Cuban influencer Alexander Otola.

Tiger used offensive language to refer to Ottola, comparing him to a well-known figure in the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, and calling him a “Soviet”.

In video clips related to different moments in Otola’s life, the influencer is heard saying that he doesn’t like politics and won’t enter that life, while at another point he talks about democracy and coexistence in places like America. Different political profiles may coexist.

Some of those ideas have apparently evolved into the anchorman’s practice of launching himself into a race for Miami mayor and spearheading a battle to stop the “spread of communism” in Florida.

For El Tiger, these videos are a sample of Otola’s handling of different discourses. But for some of his followers this is only evidence of radicalization of thought.

“Cubans need more than music, food and hospitals. It wasn’t Otola who took that away from Cuba,” wrote one internet user.

“Things are changing because of you in the greatest vein,” said one user.

“Why not say ‘Down with the Dictatorship’ where people are suffering and hungry, not with Otaola, but with Canal,” demanded one user.

“You’re so narrow minded, you don’t understand that people change and evolve, that was great in the case of @alexanderotaola, she’s become a great person and you’re still stuck,” declared another. .

The controversy also had followers attacking the influencer:

“He says it’s a true democracy, and wants to declare Miami Tate free of communism, and this “man” couldn’t be more inappropriate,” said one Cuban.

“Oda-Ola is all about money, nothing else matters to him,” warned another netizen

“Now I will run for president, yes total. Healthy advice: live your way, try to do good, help your family and loved ones as much as you can, because everyone is looking out for their own interests,” argued another.

Tiger responded to some of his followers and accidentally took advantage of the controversy to reveal that he had an upcoming presentation at the Flamingo bar after his well-known visit to Cuba.

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