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Since July 1, regular flights have resumed between Havana and Moscow

Since July 1, regular flights have resumed between Havana and Moscow

As of July 1, regular flights between Havana and Moscow have resumed, as confirmed by the Russian Foreign Ministry. Direct crossings between the two capitals will be carried out by a Russian subsidiary of Aeroflot. Russian spokeswoman Maria Zagarova commented on this issue. He added, “This decision will give a new impetus to bilateral relations, in addition to helping restore the tourist flow of Russian citizens to the island.” By the way, Aeroflot will fly from the first day of July to Varadero.

He also indicated that his country is working to expand international passenger air transport. All this despite the multiple obstacles that arose after the sanctions imposed by Western countries after the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Direct flights between Russia and Cuba were canceled in March 2022 and are now returning with new horizons and expectations.

Conviasa unites the three capitals

In mid-June, the Venezuelan airline Conviasa opened a new route. The agreement with Aeroflot itself actually unites three capitals: Caracas, Havana and Moscow. The two companies have signed several agreements aimed at expanding air services between Russia and the Caribbean.

The two companies have entered into an agreement called “interline” that allows for direct settlement. What is new is that passengers holding tickets issued by Aeroflot and Conviasa will be able to travel to Cuba and Venezuela.

Conviasa and Aeroflot are finalizing an agreement to jointly operate flights. This means that flights will be operated on a codeshare and passengers will be able to take advantage of the rewards programs of both airlines.

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Flights between the three countries involved contemplate Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport, Jose Marti Airport in Havana, and Simón Bolívar Airport in Caracas. Conviasa also provides regular flights to Cuban tourists traveling to Nicaragua, Venezuela or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.