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Sick and disfigured: After joining 'VLA' and losing 15 kilos, the actress returns to the unrecognizable 'Hoy'.

Sick and disfigured: After joining ‘VLA’ and losing 15 kilos, the actress returns to the unrecognizable ‘Hoy’.

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Mexico City. – Famous the hero of the story From TV soapwho joined a few years ago Aztec TV They even got to the program come joyappeared again on the screen Televisa This Friday, August 26th in an interview shared by Morning Productions today. The actress left the whole audience speechless as she confessed once and for all if lost 15 kilos Why is it Will As expected.

He is also a singer Dana Paula, who presented his last project to San ngel TV station in 2013 after nearly two decades in business. He first appeared in a children’s telenovela ray of light (2000-2001) and landed his first leading role in Maria Bellin (2001) and later appeared in other projects such as Hello children!And the P. Luche . familyAnd the Amy, the girl with the blue backpackAnd the Rose of GuadeloupeAnd the Dare to dream s as the saying goes.

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In 2015, translator hits like sodium s the fame Join the ranks TelemundoWhich made Televisa executives object to it. Make a reality show Who is who? (2015) and worked on La Doña (2016) alongside Arasili Arambola Then she immigrated to Ajusco, where she was appointed to be a reality judge academy. In addition, on several occasions, Dana has given exclusive interviews with come joy s windows.

During the morning of Friday, August 26, the famous protagonist elite He appeared again on Canal de Las Estrellas because last Thursday night he presented his new music video for the XT4S1S, his new song, and the show cams. today They were present at the conference. In front of various media, Dana finally revealed whether it was true that she abused her health in order to lose weight.

Remember that magazine TV Notes This Tuesday highlighted that translator 27 years She got rid of her extra kilos because she underwent a Gastric sleeve surgery At the beginning of the year despite the fact that she was not a candidate, they also said that she had other surgeries on her face to beautify herself. Dana Paula responded forcefully to this speculation and confirmed that she feels at the best moment and does not care what others say.

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Today, I feel sexier than ever, I let go of that part of not caring what they think, say or don’t say about me. I am very happy with myself, with my life, with my project, with my body. ”

The popular pop singer never stopped repeating in front of cameras today And other means that she is in very good health and that she is not sick as the above mentioned magazine stated: “I am perfect. I will not work as I do if I have something wrong, really. I have worked all my life, I am a healthy woman thanks to God. I have a chance To work, get up every day, exercise, and have the tool I have.”

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