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Shirley Erica cries when she remembers her daughter |  eye width

Shirley Erica cries when she remembers her daughter | eye width

Model She surprised locals and strangers by talking about her daughter in the middle of her trip to Istanbul, Turkey, where she will participate in the reality show The Power of Love.

in your account She told the ‘reality girl’ that Skyler is in her grandmother’s care: “It’s a complicated issue for me, my weakness. She’s with my mother, and she knows I’m working, and she knows I’m done and I’ll fly away from her.”

The model admitted that she misses her daughter a lot and that it has been very difficult to accept the international reality show since then. That this forced her to separate from her daughter.

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“Yes I miss her, I miss her, she is very difficult, it was very difficult for me to make this decision, but I have many reasons. The good thing about this is that my family supports me, my mother, above all, because she is responsible for it”, Erica Shirley explained.

“Sometimes in life we ​​have to make certain decisions to achieve certain things.” added.

In tears, the “Reality Girl” pointed out: “She knows that I love her with all my soul, and that I miss her very much. My close friends She knows how long it took her to make that decision, and I don’t know what to say either, I feel so sad when I talk about her.”

Source: Instagram Shirley Arica

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