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Eugenio Derbez: This is why the actor did not accept his mother's recent relationship |  Silvia Derbez |  Juan Carlos Barreto |  Mexico

Eugenio Derbez: This is why the actor did not accept his mother’s recent relationship | Silvia Derbez | Juan Carlos Barreto | Mexico

Silvia Derbez has a timeless stature in Mexico as she was a brilliant figure from her country’s golden age of cinema during the 1950s, as well as being one of the most famous telenovela actresses. NS , her son, is the real “queen of soap operas” and not Victoria Ruffo, as they say.

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However, something that I didn’t see him in a good way Mother This was the last relationship of the artist in the last years of her life.

Silvia Derbez was left a widow with two children, Eugenio and Silvia Eugenia, but resumed Emotional life when i had 55 years.

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What he didn’t like Eugenio Derbez is that he was with Co-worker from his mother who was 30 years from her. This raised their suspicions as well The media at that time.

Why did Eugenio Derbez both say that his mother Sylvia has a boyfriend?

Juan Carlos Barreto’s photo It was the last couple of Mexican actress Silvia Derbez, Eugenio’s mother, when he was 25 years.

He said, on one occasion, why link He had no acceptance Mexican comedian: the critics From the press that said I want Hold on to fame by Sylvia.

Barreto categorically denied it and was in favor 15 years With the actress you remember Passed away in a 2002, at that time Eugenio Derbez realized that he was Real love He thanked him for that, according to Juan Carlos.

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From what did Silvia Derbez die?

Mexican actress Silvia Derbez dies April 6, 2002 because of Lung Cancer.

It was 70 years When he passed away a year ago, he recorded his last participation in long series prying“.