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"Shakira Shattered" - Primera Hora

“Shakira Shattered” – Primera Hora

Pique and Shakira are experiencing one of the most stressful moments of their lives, after announcing their separation more than two months ago.

Since many entertainment media have managed to come forward, Piqué will actually lead a new relationship with another woman without setbacks.

Apparently, Clara Shea Marty will be an employee of her company Cosmos.

In the midst of this information, very little was known about Shakira’s stature.

However, in the past few hours, Spanish paparazzi Jordi Martin, who has closely followed the association between the footballer and singer for more than twelve years, revealed how Barranquilla’s artist is.

The entertainment reporter was accurate: “Shakira is smashed.”

Shakira the victim

“I can tell that (Shakira) is so bad, she is emotionally broken. He even needed to support myself, Gerard Pique was never like this expected,” Martin told RCN.

“In the beginning, it was a very beautiful and very intense relationship. There was a lot of passion between them, but the separation was very painful for Shakira.”

Subsequently, when asked about his alleged new relationship with C. Chia Martí, Martín asserted:

“Gerrard loves her very much, and he does not want to break up at all. Despite the fact that they said they were going to break up, they are in love (for this reason) Shakira goes through a terrible mood swing.

Was there betrayal?

Regarding the alleged infidelity, which was never confirmed, Martin said: “On a TV show I warned Shakira and said ‘With the eye, Gerard hits her from behind.’ And it’s true that when I said it on TV, I got a serious warning.

Shakira is the victim in this scammed case. She is a wonderful person; It must be remembered that he left his life in the United States to move to Spain, and here he had no ties in Spain, no friends, no professional and gave everything for this couple and their children. ”

So far, since the split was announced, neither Pique nor Shakira have spoken publicly about it again.

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