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Shakira: It’s her luck, reveals the process in Spain – the investigative unit

Shakira: It’s her luck, reveals the process in Spain – the investigative unit

A formidable Spanish treasury of footballers of status Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Radamel BalcaoNow the singer has Shakira under the magnifying glass.

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The woman from Barranquilla was unable to reach an agreement with the Barcelona prosecutor’s office and faces an investigation into alleged tax evasion. $17.2 million, A signal that she qualifies as a freak.


Shakira and her ex-partner Gerard Pique.

EL TIEMPO this weekend revealed the indictment filed by the Prosecutor’s Office on July 26 in Trial Court 2. Esplues of Llobregat, Shakira lived with her ex-partner in the municipality of Barcelona. Football player Gerard Pique.

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Before reaching the trial stage, it found assets in the Spanish treasury New York, Bahamas, Barranquilla, Barcelona, ​​Uruguay and Miami To prove that Shakira stopped declaring income in Spain in 2012, 2013 and 2014, where she had a tax residence.

Shakira Characteristics

Shakira owns a lavish mansion on North Bay Road Drive in Miami.

Experts and actuaries reviewed contracts and exploitation with the La Voz project in the United States. Shakira brandThis includes his popularity Dance perfume.

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The information gathered led the prosecutor’s office to point out that Shakira was hiding her identity in a network of companies. €30 million.

Aircraft and mansions

Accused Shakira 3 Estate

These are some of the values ​​of Shakira’s legacy that the attorney’s office says she didn’t pay taxes on.

The Spanish Treasury identified a network of entities in Luxembourg, the Virgin Islands, Panama, the Netherlands and Malta. According to the investigation, Shakira transferred her profits to the companies (their owner or partner) and also made contracts. Low taxation in Luxembourg.

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Your home in the Bahamas is CB Properties Inc. Listed in the name of; and a luxury property in Miami owned by the companies C&N and NB Road Investments Inc.
The file mentions his house in Barranquilla appearing in his name Community PHAs well as a wonderful piece of land in New York, owned by PL LLC.

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The collection of these items exceeds 6.2 million euros. A plane attached to these is included Company U LLC., which was sold in 2014 for one million dollars.

Shakira Characteristics

This is the interior of Shakira’s luxury mansion in Barcelona.

The mansion she occupies with Piqué is mentioned and is worth around 4 million euros.

“The accused, of legal age and No criminal record between 2012 and 2014 He usually resided in Spain,” the document says. He also gives the exact address of his property.

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Then Pique mentioned: “He bought it in May 2012 through BSL along with his passionate partner.“.

He adds that it has been proven that the accused stayed outside of Spain during this period, did not travel to various countries for professional reasons, except for a very short period, except for the United States, where he participated. The Project “The V” and on that he dwelled: 61 days in 2012, 118 days in 2013 and 117 days in 2014.”

The prosecutor’s office insists that he immediately returned to Spain as soon as his professional or leisure activities ended.


For Shakira’s advisory group, the case is a violation of their rights: “Innocent behavior is always proven As a person and taxpayer, and is fully prepared to resolve any differences. They emphasize that even without agreeing with the Treasury, the artist began to pay 17.2 million dollars; Hence, there is no outstanding debt.

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The Prosecutor’s Office continues to show no direct evidence or reasonable criteria to support its position and maintains an intransigent approach.”, they point out.

And, they maintain it Shakira is advised by PricewaterhouseCoopers in financial administration in more than 20 jurisdictions and “has never seen such serious harassment by the Treasury, nor has it clearly used the use of media and reputational pressure as a collection mechanism.”

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