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Congressman Hernán Gadavid questioned the party at Casa de Narino after Pedro's possession.

Congressman Hernán Gadavid questioned the party at Casa de Narino after Pedro’s possession.

After Gustavo Pedro was inaugurated as president, the new head of state hosted a cocktail party for the diplomatic corps accompanying him at the Plaza de Bolivar in Bogotá.

After the event, Pedro stayed with close friends and collaborators and the presidential palace was the center of a party to the rhythm of joints and cumbias.

La Banda March 19, 2022 Laguneta, the historic group that won the National Boro Festival, He was in charge of entertaining the celebration at the Presidential Palace.

Some of the participants posted videos of themselves observing the First Lady. Veronika Alcazar dances in the corridors of the palace with her group of friends around the band.

The celebration angered Congressman Hernán Gadavid of the Democratic Center. Who asked on social networks this Monday: “Did they want to go to Casa de Narino for that? Whiskey, dancing and reggaeton. Today I am going to ask Dabre, Mauricio Liscano to tell me how much the party was worth and if it was with Colombian taxes.”.

A young representative for the chamber showed another video where the Vallinato children can be seen singing one of their songs and the audience around them celebrating. “Today they are filing a tax reform, but the example of savings does not appear in this new government. Rumba, drink and party on Colombian money“, he said.

The celebration inside the Palacio de Nariño lasted until 11:00 p.m. and many pictures of the event circulated on social networks, published by the participants.

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However, until this Monday, the President had not officially addressed the issue.