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Shakira finds refuge in the 'hero of her life'

Shakira finds refuge in the ‘hero of her life’

And theIn the midst of the struggle that Shakira and Gerard Picot are fighting for custody of their children, the Colombian artist decides to forget all her problems and celebrate her father’s birthday in style. William Mubarakwho just turned 91 years old. As he had done on other occasions, he sang to him, this time, a beautiful bolero which his father listened to in awe. “Do you like it?” asked the artist.

Despite the successes his face has had as an artist, it has been a tough season ShakiraEspecially in your love life. in the end Gerrard Pique And to his alleged problems with the Treasury, was added his father’s exact health condition, and that, after passing Covid-19, he had two major falls that made him pass through the operating room. Because of this, his family was very concerned and fully aware of his development. Although there is a time for celebrations.

The Colombian’s father has always been a major support in the singer’s life and displays of affection in public have multiplied in recent weeks. sure, Your family is your most precious refuge In such difficult times. “my door I’ve had COVID, two falls, and two operations. So much has passed this year and I’m still 91 years old teaching me resilience and boundless love every day,” the artist said.

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