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Senator Marco Rubio announced his support for Donald Trump

Senator Marco Rubio announced his support for Donald Trump

Senator Marco Rubio (Reuters)

Republican Senator Marco Rubio This Sunday he announced his support for the former president's presidential candidacy Donald Trump Among his party's primary parties by pointing to the need for “extraordinary measures” against Joe Biden's government.

The Cuban-American's support for the former president (2017-2021) is another blow to the Florida governor. Ron DeSantisAnother senator from the state, Rick Scott, is also seeking the presidential nomination after expressing his support for Trump last November.

Rubio pointed out on social media

During Trump's presidency, he emphasized that he had achieved important policies as a senator, such as tougher economic sanctions on the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes.We had a president who didn't pander to special interests”.

“I support Trump because that kind of leadership is the only way to achieve the extraordinary measures needed to solve the disaster that Biden has created,” he asserted.

Rubio ran against Trump in the 2016 primariesAt the time he was derogatorily called “Little Marco”.

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump at the 2016 debates (AP)

Rubio's endorsement comes a day earlier Iowa CaucusesIt pits Trump against DeSantis and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

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Likewise, the governor of North Dakota, Doug BurgumHe also announced his support for Trump in the presidential election.

Candidates for the Republican nomination in the next presidential election were encouraged to challenge their platforms this Sunday Iowa's historic low temperature And go to the polls this Monday, in the caucuses, the first official nomination of the presidential race.

“Go out and save America, defy the climate, because what you're really doing is saving our country,” former President Trump said. After arriving in Iowa last night, days later than expected due to last week's severe snowstorm, the Republican Party this Sunday participated in the only event not canceled due to weather, a rally in Indianola, half an hour from Des Moines. , the capital of Iowa.

Hundreds of citizens were there but only a few were able to see the former president up close. The vast majority, including the foreign press, had to watch Trump from a screen in the next room.

Although he continues to lead in opinion polls, Trump asked his voters not to stay home and show their support in the first test caucuses in his bid to secure the Republican nomination for this year's presidential election, which will take place on Monday at 7:00 pm (01:00 GMT Tuesday).

Trump at an event in Iowa (Reuters)

To be elected as a party's nominee, candidates must receive majority support from 2,469 delegates distributed proportionally across the country's 50 states.

TO IowaThe first appointment of the election calendar, corresponds 40 representatives (1.6% of the total), who choose the candidate and add proportionally to the votes received by the candidates.

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Trump still has it all Studies to support you. Finally, one NBC News48% of Republicans want him to be the Republican nominee, compared with 20% who support the former ambassador to the United Nations. Nikki Haley.

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis16% votes and has a businessman Vivek Ramasamy with 8%.

“It doesn't matter what the polls say, but you have to go out and vote,” said Trump, who used his speech to criticize other political candidates, particularly Haley, who could leave Iowa strong. “She's not ready for the job,” Trump said, drawing public support from former New Dakota gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgham on the show.

After being nominated by Trump, Haley served as ambassador for nearly two years and resigned in 2018, citing critical differences with the former president on foreign policy issues.

The only woman among the candidates has already set her sights on the state New Hampshire, the first national primaries will be held on January 23, the second event of the election calendar. There is already an event on Tuesday.

He has invested a lot of money in Iowa and has been touring the state for days, participating in three or four rallies a day. This morning's start in Dubuque was canceled due to weather.

Ron DeSantis was able to make it to Dubuque for one of the three events he's participating in today, in addition to the dozens of events he's attended despite the cold in recent days.

Florida's governor has taken a more aggressive tone against Trump in recent weeks. In an interview with ABC this Sunday, Trump warned voters that he is running to solve his own problems, not the nation's.

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