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Scientific secret of health, well-being and youth

Scientific secret of health, well-being and youth

There are many diverse investigations that show that behavior affects health. The distinctive way of living life consists of multiple aspects, through which we can mention values, habits, virtues and many other things. Kindness is part of that repertoire.

Daniele Lomera, an Italian biologist famous for his research on kindness, asserts that we are biologically equipped to care. By caring for others and for ourselves, we not only avoid decline and illness, but we also stimulate and promote happiness.

What is meekness? According to the Royal Spanish Academy, it indicates kindness and courtesy. gift! It’s about wanting the good for others and acting accordingly, whether they are friends, family or even strangers. Research confirms that by being kind even to strangers, in addition to strengthening relationships, the brain is positively affected as well as the body and mind as a whole. Kindness towards oneself is important, because it contributes to self-concept and self-esteem.

How does kindness have a positive impact? It’s simple, when we are kind, whether with a smile or a gesture, whether big or small, we generate positive feelings in ourselves and in others. Alchemy is activated in those who express gratitude, as well as in those who receive and in those who observe. It is a communication channel that enhances the inner beauty that exists in everyone.

Inmaculata di Vivo, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, asserts that kindness, as well as optimism, tolerance and gratitude, are natural medicines. They therefore constitute health resources and basic values ​​for living a healthy and happy life. Behaviors, thoughts, and emotions directly impact overall mind and body health.

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There are biological factors that show that our attitude towards life is directly related to health: telomeres. What are telomeres? It is DNA sequences that shorten over time and show cell aging. It is a kind of clock that calculates biological age. A fascinating discovery in recent years is that telomeres are modified, which is the same as saying that part of the DNA changes.

It is certain that genetic inheritance determines telomeres by 50%. The other 50% will be determined by how you live your life. It is whether habits are healthy or not that will delay or promote burnout. Premature shortening of telomeres leads to disease as well as aging and psychological and emotional discomfort. As Ramon Cajal said: “Every man, if he puts his mind to it, can be a sculptor of his own mind” and it is worth adding his health and overall well-being.

¿What shortens telomeres?

  • smoking
  • He drinks alcohol
  • Malnutrition, malnutrition
  • Stress, especially when it is chronic
  • anxiety
  • Anger
  • Negative thinking habits
  • Negative emotionality

What protects telomeres?

  • A healthy, nutritious and balanced diet
  • Physical exercise
  • contemplation
  • relaxation
  • Salah
  • optimism
  • Yoga
  • Happy relationships
  • Harmonious music
  • nature
  • kidding
  • Sorry
  • Gratitude
  • Educate yourself, learn

Body and Mind Wellness shows that paying attention to each of the different areas and aspects that make up our lives is essential. Kindness is an evolutionary strategy for a healthy, happy life.

By training the habit of kindness, we will be able to respond kindly to fear, resentment, anger, anxiety, frustration, resentment, and ultimately to all those situations, thoughts, and feelings that would, in and of themselves, provoke a destructive response. Responding with kindness toward oneself and others suggests a paradigm shift toward constructiveness and cooperation.

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Daniel Lomera leaves us with an invitation to practice kindness and receive its benefits. It’s very simple, it’s about doing four acts of kindness every day: one for yourself, one for someone else, one for animals, and one for nature. It is stated that in this way the muscle of kindness is exercised. It is a way to enhance life, well-being and happiness. It is like saying: turning life into a miracle.