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The development of the tenth conference of the University of Medical Sciences

The University of Medical Sciences (UCM) in Santiago de Cuba today held the 10th Congress of the Undergraduate Student Union (FEU) with a focus on debate on organization performance, teaching, research, communications, and community activism.

The meeting was attended by 100 delegates from the House of Graduate Studies, who reaffirmed the revolutionary conviction of the Cuban students and the need to change the brigade, its main cell, to increase the active participation of its members.

Roberto Blanco, in his fifth year in medicine, expressed that the university urgently needed to motivate its members, find leaders in groups and provide workshops for student leaders in order to raise their level of preparedness, commensurate with the current situation of the university.

In terms of social impact, young Wendy Ballester mentioned creating community projects aimed at solving social problems and engaging foreign scholarship recipients.

Other curricula were aimed at promoting the mobility of student assistants in all disciplines, validating the golden title of short-cycle higher technical professions, and updating the bibliography used in the institution.

The youth demanded a better restructuring of the center’s sports and cultural competitions, encouragement of its participants, the acquisition of various tools, and a greater dissemination of all the extension works of the University of Medical Sciences.

Josefina Prosper, President of the FEU, commented to Cuban News Agency that the UCM is arriving at this X Conference with a critical and thoughtful analysis of the organization’s work with the aim of celebrating its centenary, on December 20.

What has never been seen before in this edition, Prosper emphasized, is the holding of conferences in Santiago communities, an initiative that will continue due to its positive results in exchange with residents.

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He noted the adoption of new strategies to promote research, increase the promotion of activities with students, and increase a sense of belonging for the more than 8,000 members of FEU for Medical Sciences.

The plenary session concluded with the recognition of the six direct delegates to the National Congress, centers such as the Institute of Friendship with Peoples, the Regional Committee of the Communist Youth Union, the higher authorities of the Territory, and Labor Hero Lázaro Exposito. .