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Obtaining Food Project Financing at UACh

Obtaining Food Project Financing at UACh

Communication “I Know About Food and I Choose to Eat Well: Learning Capsules for Gaining Knowledge About My Diet,” is the project approved by the UACh Directorate of Environmental Liaison.

This initiative was presented by Dr. Javier Parada S., Academician at the Institute of Food Science and Technology (ICYTAL) of the School of Agricultural and Food Sciences at UACh. The project’s alternate director is the Principal of the School of Pedagogy in Basic Education, Puerto Montt headquarters, Mg. Alpina Cifuentes.

The aim is to contribute to the training of children in basic education to generate in them a positive propensity to consume healthy foods, “based on the idea that they know, understand and assimilate the advantages of adequate nutrition, so that they can independently choose to have good eating habits”, explained Professor Parada, Director in charge about the project.

Likewise, it takes into account the preparation of audio-visual materials and the holding of “workshops” with the participation of students from the profession of UACh pedagogy mentioned above. This material will focus on introducing the true characteristics, stories, and value of “healthy” foods to health. All this taking into account obesity and health problems that afflict people today.

The project also contains a financial contribution from the Environmental Relations Unit of this college.

Solidarity Supply Networks

It is also important to highlight that Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez, Academician from the Institute of Plant Production and Health, is participating as Alternate Director in the project entitled “Strengthening Solidarity Supply Networks through the Joint Building of Knowledge to Strengthen Regional Food Sovereignty”, by Dr Claudia Letelier from the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences.

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The Coordinator of the Environmental Relationship Unit at this college, Dr. Silvana Bravo, evaluated both projects and congratulated Dr. Javier Parada and Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez, for these initiatives that address a current problem of great importance to the world of population.

Also among the selected projects are those of academics from the Faculties of Philosophy, Humanities, Medicine, Architecture, Arts, Economics and Management Sciences, as well as the headquarters of Puerto Montt.

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