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Science Park stretches for hours on the bridge and teaches how to see the Perseids

Science Park stretches for hours on the bridge and teaches how to see the Perseids

Granada, August 9 (EFE). The Granada Science Park will open its long weekend in August with extended hours and a special program that combines the usual exhibitions with activities to explain how to observe the Perseids and the “BioInspiración” exhibition as a special attraction.

The museum, the country’s most visited science museum, is extending its regular hours and will open on Monday, August 15, to offer a full program of activities for all audiences.

The main attraction of these days will be the exhibition “BioInspiration. Innovate from Nature”, which will be held in the park until September 11, when he will begin his international tour at the Techniches Museum in Vienna (Austria).

With more than 200 technological items, models, artwork, audio-visuals, scenes, models and interactive modules, “BioInspiración” offers an amazing journey in which nature, innovation and creativity have been integrated into fields as diverse as engineering, robotics, transportation, packaging, energy, sports or space exploration.

The exhibition, with an area of ​​1,700 square metres, is part of an international project promoted by the Science Park itself with two of the most prestigious science museums in Europe: DASA (Germany) and the Techniches Museum Wien (Austria).

Additionally, during this week, the park’s planetarium is offering special sessions explaining how to observe the Perseids, a high percentage of meteors that will come into contact with Earth’s atmosphere and will peak between August 12 and 13.

The Perseids wouldn’t be the museum’s only suggestion for fans of astronomy, one of the science fields of greatest interest to a public who also has a planetarium, astronomical observatory, astronomy park, or astronomy nights.

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This month’s temporary exhibitions include “Touching the Sky. Space Exploration,” which reflects humans’ fascination with the sky through more than 200 original pieces from film producer Jordi Gasol’s Objects in Space collection, 62 meteorites and tektites, audiovisual devices and more than twenty replicas. original and model.

The museum has also enhanced programming for children by opening rooms Explore the attic, explore and explore safely, as well as a BioDome and permanent suites such as Journey to the Human Body. EFE

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